A little more about BUNA…

Elise Black & White

elise angelette 077     CB4_1490   chemoninja

all of these are the many face of BUNA, yet still only one of them looks the part of the long blonde-haired Elise that many have known for so long. But guess what…


So in this page, I figure, we can get to know me, with or without the long hair, or the mohwawk, or a pink wig, or Chemo Beanie, or whatever I’m in the mood for that day… It’s all still me.  I’m a little bit of everything all wrapped into one BUNA!


First up…to set the record straight…

What’s a BUNA?

purple buna

…I found many images of random things with my nickname all over the internet. Some very interesting, some very scary, my apologies, I’m not responsible! Honest.  As far as I knew, growing up, “BUNA” was, well, “ME”. I wish I had a better answer for you as to how I got the name.  It honestly was given to my me by my oldest brother, Beau (Fr.Beau), at random when I was maybe 4 yrs old (tops).  We just thought it was a funny sound!  Made a song using it, etc., and for whatever reason it stuck.

Good news… it actually has meaning!  Think about the lovely romance languages…”BIEN, BON, BUENO…” 

Turns out, that (DRUMROLL PLEASE)


So there you have it.  You are all apart of Team “Good”.  How’s that for motivation.  We’re on the right track, I guess?  In all my rebelliousness as a kid, I always had a good heart.  Right, Mom and Dad? 😉

So that’s that… the rest, well, it’ll have to unfold, as it, well, unfolds… right here in the blog world





me and my man

Wiggin’ Out


fight like a girl