“Writer-A-Holic”: My Other Published Articles and Such…


Hi, I’m Elise and I’m a writer-a-holic.  President of Writer’s Anonymous, but I’m just publicly admitting it. Wanted to be a writer since I sat there, my non-conformist little first grade self (in my father’s oversized Santa Clause costume, mind you) on the playground with my black composition book, writing away under a tree.  If I wasn’t playing chase, doing pull-up contests, or playing some imaginary hot-lava game while imagining myself to be some kind of fantasia-like character, I was writing.  Writer’s are supposed to be a little unorthodox, right? So here I am, still writing my little heart away.

I write “Fractured Fairy Tales” as children’s plays to use in summer drama camps that I co-direct with my mamamia.  I sit down with a plan to write the play with one plot, then the characters just “show up” and start talking!  I simply follow their lead, normally to a whole new plot.   (Crazy, right?!)  I enjoy tinkering in that imaginary part of my brain with hopes to publish my plays together as a collection.  I have books of poems and songs that are really just for me.  I’m tinkering around on this blog and therapeutically typing through my life’s new journeys.  Aaaand, was honored to be asked to be a regular contributor to a Faith and Family column in our NOLA Catholic Newspaper last year. What a blessing to do what you love! As I say in thoughts of comedy and humor, “I don’t really care if anyone else thinks I’m funny.  I amuse myself all day long! ”  Same is with writing, although I care about my readers, if you’re out there. If you feel compelled to read,  I’m an open book.  But, if not, I don’t write for attention or to assume everyone needs to hear my voice.  I write because I just have to.  If it happens to touch a life, then it just makes it all make more sense.  I pray that this could touch even just one life.  Until then I’ll … “Just keep writing, just keep writing …”(Sung like Dory from “Finding Nemo“, of course)!

Here’s a few links to articles I had published in the New Orleans Catholic Newspaper, The Clarion Herald, as a regular contributor to the Faith and Family column just last year. Enjoy and God bless you.


Thank You




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