Heading for Roller Coaster Rides … In More Ways Than One

We are officially on the road to Disney! This is my last blog post before I unplug from social media upon arrival and save all pic posting for the return. We received a big thumbs up from each doctor to go make some memories with our kiddos! We are ecstatic to hear that news, as we’ve been holding our breath, wondering of we’d be able to follow through with our promise to the kids.

However, our results and updates ate positive yet also sprinkled with a few challenges:

  • PET scan came back with miraculous improvements!! This new chemo is blowing the tumors within my body away!! That’s just after a PET scan done 2 rounds!! I have completed 3 rounds, but will do another Scan after my 4th coming up right after our trip. If enough progress is made, we may stop chemo right there at 4 rounds!! My body has taken in enough chemo these past few years!🙏
  • MRI showed that we will need the Gamma Knife Ion procedure due to some suspicious tumors that are showing up on the scan. I can do it all right here in Baton Rouge, La at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital. They got me right on the schedule for the week that I get back, 2 days after my chemo.👍 They got me in for the Gamma Knife MRI yesterday (this MRI gives the most clarity and gives them best view of what tumors are new growth, old and growing or irregular. Also had a CT scan, all w a personally fitted mask that will be used in the Gamma Knife procedure.
  • Soon after my procedure, I will head to MD Anderson the following week (staying there anywhere between 3-5 days for tests and evaluations) to evaluate my current and mostly long term treatment plan while conferring with my docs here all along. Looks like this year I’ll spend my bday there hopefully getting some answers. That would be a gift!

No choice but to take this roller coaster by storm!!!Onward!!!! Let’s do this, my friends! No fear. Whew! I know it sounds crazy, and a lot, but feel much better after talking w Dr.Woods. He reassured me about some of my fear uneasiness of the Gamma Knife. We have the most updated machine in the country! They talked me through it and showed me all that they’d be doing as they fitted me for my mask. They were very reassuring and knowledgable.

I’m in good hands and feel much more secure now with a plan.

Plus…. we still get to take kids to Disney today Friday and this week!!!🎉🎉🎉 Not sure where the energy will come from? Gonns be grace from God, coffee, B12, and a whole lotta CRAZY!🤪

With all this ahead of me, we’ve spoken with the kids, we’ve offered prayers since we’ve been on the road for all of you and said rosaries for those of you who have contributed so much to make this trip possible through DVC pts, Gift cards, other various support and… of course PRAYER! We are beyond grateful, humbled by the sacrifices so many have made for us and prayers offered that keep us going, and are determined to keep paying it forward through our own family and BUNA’S HOPE, LLC., hoping to teach and teach others, including our children how to live life and never lose hope or gratitude in the face of adversity. God’s got us and He will provide if we put our trust in Him. It may not be in the way we planned, but if we look, there are blessings in our storm. It’s not the size of our cross, but HOW we carry it that gives us the chance to transform the weight and sorrow of the cross into hope and life of the resurrection, as it was intended. That’s the glory of the cross. I hope my kids learn from this and live that out as they grow up. When we can do this, we never know when we’re not only changing our own lives, but could be helping someone else grow a little closer to the Big Guy Upstairs!😉 Have a Happy Mardi Gras, Y’all! Laissez Les Bon Temps Roullez! (Let the Good Times Roll!)

Love you all,

Elise/Buna💙 Praying you stay with me in prayer! Can’t lose my Tram Buna now🙏



I have been battling Breast Cancer for nearly 4 years now, and I gotta tell ya, I get pretty tired of it.  Sometimes, I have “words” for the Big Guy when I go to talk to Him.   Sometimes, I get scared.  Sometimes, I feeling like screaming.  Other times, I cry.  But my cries aren’t always because of the previously mentioned fears or angers.  Naturally, I cry tears of fatigue and frustration of just not wanting to do this any more.  However,  at other moments,  I’m overwhelmed by the blessings that seem to just pop up on that very day of the day after (literally), that I was melting down.  God knows me.  He gets my erratic prayers and emotions.  He knows that, although I am extremely positive and seek Hope and signs of gratitude in as much as possible,  I’m only human.  And times are tough. He knows me, and  He knows it comes in waves. 

 Much like the highs and lows of our relapses and great progress to each form of treatment…  the waves come right at us, looking larger than life, then before we know it, they’ve disapated on the shore. 

Isn’t that just life though?

I recently had the chance to sneak away to a weekend of prayer at the beach with a few other women and God was just speaking to my heart over and over again.  He spoke through images, he spoke through our surroundings, He spoke through the “Bible roulette” game I like to play when I just say a little prayer and see where my finger lands in the Holy book.    Over and over again,  He reminded me that everything passes,  He is always with me, and my main job is to continue to keep my gaze on him, trusting in Him always.    So I spent my time that weekend,  trying to be quiet (haha!) and just listen to the waves roll in and out, getting bigger, and then just slowly washing calmly over the shore.  As each the waves appeared to rise faster and faster in the wind further out in the bay, getting bigger and cresting just feet off the shore,  they always seemed to wear down to just a small rush of water gently washing over the sand once they reached shore.  Mimicking much of what I feel of the waves in this season of my life, as I pray it’s only that.  A season.

I also listened to the flicker of the candle the way it lit up the room with just the tiniest of flames, yet could be feared if I let the fire over take me.  Instead, I felt it’s warmth.  I felt God’s presence and thought over these past four years, recognizing the many blessings that have touched our lives amidst the many storms and typhoon size waves that seemed to be heading straight for us over and over again.    But His answer?  Stay in the gaze.  I am watching over you like a shepherd  keeps track of EVERY sheep. Fixate your eyes on me and you won’t lose your footing.

So I gaze at him.  


I was given this picture by a dear spiritual leader and friend a few years back.  She brought it up again over my weekend at the beach.  I love the way Mary lays down on the uncomfortable hay, in the midst of her situation of discomfort and cold, having just delivered a baby, yet she’s so fixated on the gift of her son and the glory that’s coming in His life.  She also knows the anguish that is to come, yet she says “Yes” and just gazes at him in love and awe.

 Sometimes, I gaze at my kids when they sleep, praying I can always be here to gaze at the grandchildren just the same.  I pray I can be here long enough to gaze at them as they walk down the aisle or see my son’s smiling face as he greets his bride at the altar.  I make deals with God, begging for these moments. But for now,  I am committed to this moment above.  Resting in THIS moment.  I know I’m still in the midst of the discomfort. I have a long road ahead.  But I pray that I can always stay in the gaze and continue to trust in Him.

It’s never been MY STRENGTH that has gotten me this far.  It’s always been HIS.  It’s always been the grace from all of your prayers.  Our prayers.  All of the outstanding support of this village we call TEAM BUNA.  I can’t thank you enough.  


I know this isn’t a more mushy post of mine, but I don’t control what I write.  I just write when I feel I can, and I write what’s there.  And today,  I’m writing what is on my heart.

I just have to thank you all.  We still have so much ahead to get through. So much to navigate with my cancer to make it “go away and stay away!” while still figuring out this whole parenting thing and raising 5 kiddos in the midst of the chaos.

I always ask, pray for my family, pray for my kiddos. 

This water bottle was given to me when I was first diagnosed.  There’s a pic of all 5 of my kids on one side and This cool inspiration reminder on the other.  I have had it with me for every infusion and surgery.  It reminds me to keep going.  They are my why! (And my hubby, of course!)

Just as our Buna’s Hope non-profit and ALL of YOU who got involved helped us to bless TWO FAMILIES to send them on trips of hope and memories with their families in time of struggle,  a dear friend has stepped in to send our family on a trip of Hope ourselves!  God shows up again!! (BUNA’S HOPE UPDATE: The Cards will be taking a Cruise to the Bahamas, while the Bayhii family will be heading to a DUDE RANCH!  How cool is that?!  Thank you, TEAM BUNA/BUNA’s HOPE!!)  

Our family is being sent off to “the happiest place on Earth”, DisneyWorld, over Mardi Gras this year!  The count down is on,  fast passes booked, dinner reservations set, and kids practically holding their breath with excitement.  I’m ready to go make some memories with my crew.  Never want to miss a moment to see them smile and just be kids having fun!


Pray that I’m able to keep up for the trip.  Pray that we can all stay healthy and well to make it happen.  We just need a little pixie dust (Bibbity Bobbity Boo!) and whole lot of graces! 😉

And know that we keep you all in our hearts and thank you all for all of your support in prayer and love always.

God bless you and know I’m sending my love and graces and “BIBBITY BOBBITY BOO!” right back to you!  Have a grace filled and magical day, as you get in the gaze with me.

Just like Peter, when he stepped out of the boat to walk on water with Jesus,  it wasn’t until he took his eyes off of him that He sank.  May we all have the strength to keep our eyes fixated on HIM no matter the waves that are crashing around us so our feet can keep firmly planted wherever He asks us to stand.  And HIS STRENGTH will keep us upright, standing strong.    I have no more strength in this body, but God continues to provide.  There is no other explanation.