Meet “My People” (Mi familia)

Angelette Family in the leaves


We have  5 kids. That’s right, we are one of those crazy, token catholic families that seems to be exploding at the seams with fertility.  Or… crazy thought, the flip side just might be that my hubbie and I have both actually wanted a big family our whole life. Imagine that!

  My dad was one of 8 and I dreamed to meet that goal and be just like my amazing, charming, strong and beautiful grandmother one day and be surrounded by love, carried by faith.  Well, I did it.  You see 5 kids here, but the good Lord is keeping 3 for us (twins from a miscarriage, and 1 more miscarriage following.  They are buried here on the holy grounds of the St.Joseph Abbey where we took these pictures. )  God is good.  And, yes, we are blessed, to say the very least. Take a scroll on down to “meet” my motley crue of personalities!


The Cutest Couple    The Cutest Couple 2


One of the most enthusiastic, intense, and passionate-about-his-faith-family-and-ME kinda guys I know! He’s strong in every sense of the word.  He’s the king of slapstick (He won me over when he flipped over my apartment couch, like my childhood crush, Dick Van Dyke in the Mary Tyler Moore show. Sigh! Could This be love?) He puts up with me, sticks with me on the dance floor til the band tears down, and would take a bullet for me and my kiddos.  I pretty much scored a winner here.


Number 1


She gave me the name Mommy. She’s been my Sidekick since the womb. In so so many ways, this kid is indeed, my sidekick.  My mini-me with Daddy’s hair.  Yet, she’s more confident than I ever was in her fearlessness in being able to  march to her own beat and see the world with such a creative eye.  I should be her sidekick.

Number 2


She lights up a room from the light of her smile and the glow in her heart.  She’s sunshine and rainbows and love, love, love.  God works through her daily to show me how to be a cheerleader to others, reach out more, and bring people together.  My little sunshine.


Number 3


It’s hard work being the dude amongst all these sisters.  He wears it well.  He some how manages to be an artist, yet rough and tumble, and still melt us all at the same time!  He’s strong in body, mind and spirit, but has a soft spot for his mama and for now… that’s all I care about.  Got that, girls? 😉


Number 4


Behind bars here… Coincidence? I think not. (Payback is real, friends. She is my truest mini me!)  Seriously though, the free spirit of this little strawberry blondie is hilarious, fun, and keeps us on her toes.  If we can channel this one, she could power a small country!  She’s full of life and laughter.


Number 5


This little snuggle bug, is just as “fluffy” and snuggly as they come.  God has gifted me in one of the happiest, most easy going little joy of a baby this go ’round, and I thank Him every day for her.  She’s happy to see each one of us every morning.  She “sings” and dances all day, and takes pleasure in the little things in life, reminding us all to slow down and to drink it all in.  She is my “Snuggles” because God has given her to me to remind me that if right now, all I can do is be on the couch and snuggle,  that’s one of the greatest things in the world!



And there ya have it! That’s my fam.  Just a little something about them.  Won’t reveal too much. No real names, no real details, that’s for us to keep. But I will tell you this much, I ask that you pray for them in your family’s prayer time.  I ask because they need it as much, if not MORE than I do.  They mean EVERYTHING to me.  If you talk to other cancer patients and survivors, they will tell you that when one person in the family is diagnosed, it feels the whole family is diagnosed.  We are all going through this, so we ALL NEED the prayers.

Thank you from the top of my baby bald head to the bottom of my toes! 😉


*This is my family, my heart living and breathing on the outside.  For their protection, I ask that you help me out by not using their real names on any comments and do us the favor of not copying and pasting, or borrowing their pictures for any other use without my permission.  (You can contact me: They mean everything to me.  As a many of you are mothers yourselves or have one of your own, I know you understand.  Thank you for respecting us that way.

God bless you!



A little more about BUNA…

Elise Black & White

elise angelette 077     CB4_1490   chemoninja

all of these are the many face of BUNA, yet still only one of them looks the part of the long blonde-haired Elise that many have known for so long. But guess what…


So in this page, I figure, we can get to know me, with or without the long hair, or the mohwawk, or a pink wig, or Chemo Beanie, or whatever I’m in the mood for that day… It’s all still me.  I’m a little bit of everything all wrapped into one BUNA!


First up…to set the record straight…

What’s a BUNA?

purple buna

…I found many images of random things with my nickname all over the internet. Some very interesting, some very scary, my apologies, I’m not responsible! Honest.  As far as I knew, growing up, “BUNA” was, well, “ME”. I wish I had a better answer for you as to how I got the name.  It honestly was given to my me by my oldest brother, Beau (Fr.Beau), at random when I was maybe 4 yrs old (tops).  We just thought it was a funny sound!  Made a song using it, etc., and for whatever reason it stuck.

Good news… it actually has meaning!  Think about the lovely romance languages…”BIEN, BON, BUENO…” 

Turns out, that (DRUMROLL PLEASE)


So there you have it.  You are all apart of Team “Good”.  How’s that for motivation.  We’re on the right track, I guess?  In all my rebelliousness as a kid, I always had a good heart.  Right, Mom and Dad? 😉

So that’s that… the rest, well, it’ll have to unfold, as it, well, unfolds… right here in the blog world





me and my man

Wiggin’ Out


fight like a girl