FAMILY FIRST: First Mission of BUNA’s HOPE


You may have noticed a new little tab on my bloggity blog now, BUNA’s HOPE Project

(In short:  A non profit based upon the idea of families liftin’ up other families. Go ahead. Click the link above and read all about it!)

It’s clearly still in the ground level. We’ve got all the framework in place, now we’re just as working on our donation links, getting our TEAM BUNA t-shirt fundraisers back up and running again (almost their folks!, etc. Then, last but not least, we’ll soon have some fun community events on the calendar in the upcoming year to allow YOU, our TEAM BUNA community to get in on the action! I’ve been meeting with and am partnering with my buddies over at MAKE LIFE GRAND, AIN’T LIFE GRAND INVESTMENTS as well, who are all in on the idea!

(See just a part of their crew in the pic below)


MAKE LIFE GRAND TEAM on a Guatemala Mission this Summer spreading a little “BUNA’S HOPE” to some families in need of some joy and lovin. Can I get an “AAAAAAMEN?!?”



Now as for ME and my FAM, as much as we would have would have LOOOOOVED to do a mission like the one in this pic above to Guatemala right now!  However, it’s just not in the cards for us at this time in our lives.  For now, while I’m still recovering from the whole cancer thang, I realize that really, we’re ALL still coming up for air from the aftermath of it all (which is truly part of the mission of BUNA’s HOPE: recognizing ALL family members during and after crisis). My first personal mission is RIGHT HERE. My mission is with my family this summer.

So, we’re takin a good ol’ GRISWALD FAMILY VACATION.

rocky trip

Yup. That’ll be us.   Not so sure we’ll look quite that good though.  😉 After a good ol’ greasy week of road trippin’ and campin’ in the Rockies with our best buds while our combined 10 kids (their 5 & our 5 ) run loose in the  mountains, we’ll probably be more like Clark’s cousin Eddy (if you watched the movie as much as we did) …

cousin eddy

So, with that, I apologize to all of our children. Yikes.

But, ya know what, as much as I’ve hemmed and hawed over the packing, the hours of driving, and how in the world this was all gonna work?!?  (I really have been a big baby about this. 😫Seriously.  I camped, climbed, white water canoed down waterfalls. Backwards even! Was a thrill seeker-outdoorsman all growing up: from learning to canoe with my dad at age 5 on the Tchefuncte River, to spending 3 weeks in a tent while canoeing through Canadian provinces at age 10, to rockclimbing and backpacking during my teens at summer camp.  But NOT since I’ve had kids. Not since I’ve had responsibilities. That was all when I totally independent and not responsible for anyone else’s packing, mood, or safety.  Entirely different.  I’m more of a beach person nowadays (It’s always been my happy place, but now, mostly for the CHILL FACTOR.)  Not so much of a road tripper.  But the truth is, if I’m gonna talk about all of these other families that I want to send on trips and give a little hope, joy, and adventure to, then I need to share my adventures and memories with my kids.  The more I talk about this whole BUNA’s HOPE Project, the more I know that WE are still one of those families that are still there, still in need of a little hope, encouragement, and healing through just plain being together.  My family is still sorting all this mess of the aftermath of cancer out.  My kids need to get away.  My soul, as well as my husband’s, need to go and be reminded of God’s glory and majestic artwork that just blow your socks off when you see stuff like this:

It was a spectacular morning at Bear Lake. I had planned to hike in to Lake Odessa but since my son was not feeling very well I spent much of the night up with him. As a result I slept in and decided to shoot sunrise at Dream Lake. As I drove towards the Bear Lake parking lot, I noticed that the eastern horizon was clear and yet there was a massive cloud over Bear Lake. There were no clouds however above Dream Lake. I decided that my best shot would be to wait at Bear Lake and see if those clouds would light up as I thought they might. I had to jump around for an extra 20 minutes to stay warm while I waited, but oh what a show! I'm so glad I was here and not at some lake further back without any clouds on this morning!

I mean really?

  Jaw just drops when ya see this.  Is this really real?

My kids have got to see this.  So do I.

Every time those hours seem long on the trip, I’ll just have to look at this picture.  Eye on the prize.

rocky mountains tshirt

As much as I have been itching to begin my BUNA’s HOPE project,  I know there’s a reason why it’s taking a little longer.  I know in my heart of hearts and through prayer that God needs me to take a longer look at my family first.  My children need me.  They need me right now in a major way.  We are still processing so much.  Working together with my family to help other families will definitely help us to heal, no doubt.  But first, we need this retreat to the mountains to rejuvenate our little familia.  We need to experience God’s majesty and feel his touch in a powerful way that way could never even fathom before.  No doubt, we’ll go a little crazy and have some bumps on the way, but we’ll be making memories, nonetheless.

(And in case you were wondering, by the way of some MAJOR ANSWERED prayers,  we’re able to ride in an RV where the kids aren’t strapped down for the trip and can rome free.  Ahhh!!!!  A whole new way to travel. Happy kids, happy mama! Maybe a little less whine (And WINE! Haha! Maybe).

Until our return, keep BUNA’s HOPE in your prayers…

… and check out the tab, too, as we update!  We’ll keep you posted! Very exciting stuff!

See on flippity flip side! 😉







4 thoughts on “FAMILY FIRST: First Mission of BUNA’s HOPE

  1. I am glad to hear you are taking care of your family first and yourself . I have had to learn this the hard way . If I am not strong mentally , physically and spiritually i can’t help any one else . Enjoy and relax !!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank ya! It’s amazing how hard it is to remember that one, yet how important. Can’t give what we don’t have. Yet we are sooo darn excited to give back, too!!!


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