Helpless Hero: BUNA’S HOPE Mission From the Home

In my mind, in the gut of my gut, I’m WONDERWOMAN.

Pregnanat Wonderwoman and the Superfam

Our Superfam Circa Halloween 2010 (Wonderwoman’s got a “bun in the oven” here)

Then, just when I’m ready to jump into my invisible Wonder Woman jet and go out there to”save the world” each time I see so many people out there that need saving…

it turns out, my jet is just that: INVISIBLE.  Don’t think I’m alone on this one…

The heart of a superhero, but no actual superpowers to match.

Or so it seems.

We’ve got a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world right now.  On the news, in social media, when you talk to your friends, or  here amongst the recently colossally flooded areas of southern Louisiana- you can just drive around and see it… people are in grave need of some HELP right now.  Help of all kinds!

Hearing their needs, feeling the needs of your own family, and looking up again to see even more needs of others, AGAIN, can be quite overwhelming.  It’s overwhelming to us ALL, no matter which side of the situation you are on.

When you’re the one “in need”, you don’t know where to start, what to ask for, or where/when it will end.

When you are on the other end and are watching/listening to those in need, and want so very much for it to change, you also wonder just where to start, and HOW.

I keep finding myself in conversations with others (whether they’re asking me, or I’m asking them) about just how to help friends, loved ones, and even perfect strangers in times of crisis (be it a difficult diagnosis, a loss in their family, a loss of home to flooding, etc.).  It often can seem so overwhelming and heavy that they just don’t know what to do anymore.  It’s hard to see the good.  The shame in it all is that if you’re not careful, you’ll miss the fact that all these “crisis situations” in our world are bringing us together.  The very fact that we’re asking how to help each other, the fact that we’re praying for one another and reaching out, the fact that strangers are helping strangers, means that there’s a whole lot of good going on out there.  But when ya want to be one of those “strangers helping strangers” and feel fired up with superpower intent but no invisible jet or batmobile (or babysitter to at least come watch your crew while you jump in your bat-suburban)… you might just feel frustrated and helpless.

I know because I’ve been on sides of the spectrum.  And, if ya can’t tell, recently I’ve been feeling like a


I want to save the world “out there”, but I still am called to duty as “supermom” right here.




Soooo,  I’ve mentioned our endeavor (teaming up with Ain’t Life Grand Investments), the BUNA’S HOPE PROJECT.  (Click to learn more about our future goals/dreams for this non-profit).  The mission is designed to bring faith, hope, love, and laughter to families in crisis.   Just as we were finalizing details and getting ready to launch our non-profit status… a historic flood hit nearby parishes, devastating literally thousands upon thousands of families.  They lost everything!  As many of you know, since the majority of these areas have NEVER flooded, they did NOT have flood insurance.  This is Katrina all over again.  Yet, believe it or not, even fewer families have flood insurance.    They need us right now. BIG TIME.


"Sometimes they just needed a prayer and a hug"- Beth Farinola

**This pic came from a fellow YouNight sista (Beth Farinola) while helping clean up communities’ homes. She said, “What they wanted most was a prayer and a hug”. … Then it was on to cleaning, and back to prayers and hugs again. GOD is good!**


Now what can a, so called, “helpless hero” (like so many of us feel) do, when you can’t BE there, face to face to gut and clean their homes, organize supplies, serve meals on site, help with child care, etc. ? (I mention all of this, because if you ARE able, these are the SERVICES that are sooo very needed!!! MANPOWER is HUUUUUGE! That’s what my husband has been able to go out there to do, while I hold down the fort)  How can we truly serve other families and still be there for your own?

Well, you can join BUNA’s HOPE from your very own home, wherever you are with these AT HOME mission ideas all keeping in mind that it’s all about bringing families (ours, yours, theirs) together through faith, hope, love, and laughter when we ALL need it most.



buna's hope logo 2




PACK A LUNCH WITH LOVE:   (Just like your mama did growing up, or YOU do now)

  •  Ain’t Life Grand Investments / Flood Relief Blog for food delivery dates, or contact your local FOOD BANK!   Get the whole family on an assembly line making bagged lunches (NO NUTS), sticking notes inside (with a drawing, a joke – cuz laughter is amazing medicine!, or a fave bible verse (my fave: PHIL:4-6),  and/or write “Packed for YOU by the _____ family of TEAM BUNA/BUNA’S HOPE” (cuz YOU are the TEAM) on the bag.    Last, load em up and drop em off on the way home from carpool or while running errands.



PACK A BUCKET-O-LOVE:  (Mop buckets of cleaning supplies are liquid gold amongs cleaning crews!)

**Local or Not EMAIL ME at for mailing address for care packages!**

  •  Form an assembly line with your family to stick the following items in a mop bucket (or even a bag): gloves, masks, cleaning solvents for the home, rags or a towel, mop.    Write BUNA’s HOPE/ PHIL 4:6-7  on buckets, mops, etc.  and/or attach notes of love, hope, faith, laughter (kids’ fave jokes) to stick in your bucket/bag-o-love  to brighter someone’s day and keep em going.     Feel free to add “”Packed for YOU by the _____ family of TEAM BUNA/BUNA’S HOPE”




CREATE YOUR OWN PACKAGE-O-PLENTY: (sometimes, the best laid plans for assembly lines with kids doesn’t go “as planned”  or the thought of that sounds just as overwhelming as the initial desire to help!!  Keep it simple and clean out your cabinets or throw a few things in your grocery basket while you’re out and go with this one)

  • Choose a link below, pick a drop off location that’s near you, or an address that you can mail to and throw whatever you can from their list in a box (or more… shoot! Fill your whole trunk.  But don’t lock your keys in your chock-full suburban while unloading at the drop off spot, like I did!  Sheesh… See? I 100% understand things don’t go “as planned”- even when your heart is in the right place!).  Throw some cards in from the kids (LOVE THE ___ FAMILY OF “TEAM BUNA/BUNA’S HOPE” /PHIL 4:6-7) and drop em off or mail them in.  (SEE LOCATIONS/LINKS BELOW)




  • Like, share, & look for updates on Facebook’s “CAJUN ARMY” page!  You’ll find tons of drop of locations, lists of items for your boxes-o-plenty, etc.  #CajunArmy



  • Contact your CHURCH PARISH/SCHOOL as so many volunteer groups are regularly meeting to head out and are looking for FOOD and CLEANING SUPPLIES! (Our parish at MARY QUEEN OF PEACE in Mandeville is collecting supplies throughout the week, as they have since the flood began.)
  • JUNIOR LEAGUE OF NEW ORLEANS (Collecting diapers, feminine hygiene supplies, gift cards to Target & WalMart)  See link for more info and drop-off/collection info





Remember the story of the man who gave gold coins when he had many riches and the woman who had very little and gave the coin that she had.  It’s about giving what you can and giving from your heart, not about worrying that you don’t have much and couldn’t make a dent.  Do what you can, but anything… anything can help.  Gift cards and monetary donations are so valuable.  This is only the beginning of a very long road to recovery ahead.




As I went through the brunt of my cancer treatment, I begged for people to pray for our family and asked for others’ intentions.  It was EVERYTHING to me and STILL IS.  We never stop praying for those who’ve prayed for us, who’ve asked us for prayers and we hope they always keep us in their intentions, too.  It’s not just cliché to say that you’re prayers can move mountains.  It’s not JUST praying.  It’s the spiritual force that keeps us all together.  That’s TEAM BUNA.  That’s BUNA’s HOPE. 

Love will keep us together.

HIS love will hold us together.

No matter what storm, His HOPE is always there.

He’s the ultimate superhero.

And we’re his superfamily  with all of our varieties of skills and abilities, we’re in this together.



“Every lil’ thing’s gonna be alright…”  – Bob Marley

God bless y’all!




5 thoughts on “Helpless Hero: BUNA’S HOPE Mission From the Home

  1. Hey Elise,

    This is great! When you get rolling with Buna’s Hope … give me a call. Very happy to help! We need to get together soon:)

    Kim >


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