When it Rains, It Pours: Time to Fight a Little Harder

Got some news of another storm brewin’ in me.  Rather than write a whole new blog… I’ll simply copy and paste the message I sent to my fam below (no personal offense, or should I say, no intention to hurt anyone by being impersonal in my copying and pasting… but it’s the best I’ve got right now. Slightly overwhelmed over here.  I know you understand.)

“Please excuse the group message, but i’m so wiped to retype personal msg over and over. I love you all & hope you understand.
When it rains, it pours. But there are blessings in the storm.
I had a PET scan done yesterday (Thursday) to see if all was still in the clear and stay on top of things. Especially since I’ve been feeling pretty badly lately.
Scans just came back (Friday afternoon) to show we have some cancer flare ups that have returned to my chest wall lymph nodes, my lungs, and my liver (same places as my 2nd diagnosis last year). However, Right now we are catching it much earlier than we did last time. It’s at the very early stages and so it hasn’t spread to far and each of those areas. That puts us at an event it that we can attack it early by changing up the meds that are running at my regular Lee scheduled maintenance infusions. Now we will be adding aggressive chemo back to the mix (my normal Maintenance infusions have targeted therapy drugs. Different from aggressive chemotherapy.) The last time we went through chemo I was supposed to complete 10 rounds but we cleared it all between six and eight rounds and so they decided to stop me at eight rounds, So as to not wear my body down too much in the probable case of the cancer returning and me needing chemo therapy. I say probable because once cancer has entered and attacked certain areas of your body that tends to be the place that it wants to return. Such as now.

We should hear back from my doctor tonight as to exactly which chemotherapy I will be going on and the plan is for me to start it at my next infusion which is scheduled the week after Thanksgiving.
Because of this we have also decided to bump up the date of my brain MRI scan to this Monday (vs. November 27th).
The main thing we ask for right now is just lots and lots of prayer. We are overloaded with food so no need to worry about us there. It’s a good problem to have. People have been so generous! (Like I said, blessings in the storm. Showers of graces!)
I’m getting more more tired as my treatments go on over these past few years, so I pray for everyone to call upon the Big Guy to shower down graces for extra added strength, energy, and courage to keep on trucking and fighting the way we have. There’s nothing in me that whatever let me give up, but I sure will say that I am tired. But I am not done here yet. I have five beautiful children that keep me going and an amazing husband who supports me and is by my side for everything. And I have all of you. I’m so very grateful for the support that I have that I know not everyone has. Even in the midst of the storm, I feel very blessed. With every challenge that comes our way I feel God’s presence and I feel the love from everybody around us all the more.

Thank YOU for your support! You give me strength.  Don’t know what I’d do without you.
I sang my Bob Marley song for the entire 20 minutes that I was in that PET scan machine yesterday, singing it over and over again. Every time I see it or hear it, floods of graces just wash over me like a wave crashing on the shores. God continues to reassure me that he is still my divine physician and every little thing really will be all right.

Hope is always here. Can’t lose sight of that now. This time, we are in a way better position, we’re catching it early, and we’re going to do this again. No matter how many times this cancer thing tries to pull me down I will fight it again and again and again and I will continue to fight with every breath that I have. Not giving up now. Never.
Now let’s rally those prayer warriors and get ready for another battle that has come upon us during the war that we were already fighting.
I will win this battle 👊🙏!! Just need a little courage and a whole lot of patience. But we will win this battle AND the war!!!

(No, I didn’t send all the pics in my text to the fam😂.  But Couldn’t resist but for a few in here👍💙)

Love you all and God bless you,




25 thoughts on “When it Rains, It Pours: Time to Fight a Little Harder

  1. Prayers coming your way.  You are in my offering of suffering through my cancer and chemo.  I have a rare aggressive form of bile duct cancer just returned after 18 months in remission. I got the idea of using my suffering for others from you, thank you for that. Vivian

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  2. YOU ARE HEALED BY HIS STRIPES! He took all sickness, all disease and all iniquities upon Him on the cross…and by Faith we Believe and Receive His promises. You are the carriage that carries the King of Kings, cast out, rebuke all sickness and ask for Supernatural Healing, in Jesus Name Amen.
    Love to you and your Beautiful Family.


  3. Father God, YOU hear Elise… YOU hear our prayers. YOU go before us. YOU never fail. Father God, we trust in YOU! We beg, in YOUR HOLY NAME, strength, peace, healing. Thank YOU! AMEN


  4. Girl you continue to bless so many and keep the Lords light shining and I KNOW the Lord is Healing- Moving mountains- and keeping you in His palm. My prayers continue and lift you up minute by minute. Refresh your mind body and spirit my love.


  5. Praying for you my sweet cousin!! I know that God is in you and stays with you and your little family. We love you and hope to be able to visit soon ❤


  6. Oh it is so hard to fathom how hard and splintered crosses are at times. My heart absolutely breaks for you and your family. I will share what our Lord blessed Ray’s heart with while we watched Spencer suffer. He placed these Words on Ray’s heart, “Through you son, My Son. Through My Son, your son. I will use this for good.”

    I just know God is not only using your cross (as heavy and splintered as it is) for good as He allows you to experience a little part of our Lord’s Passion. He has chosen you, as special as you are, and your special family to walk with Him with this cross. He has allowed this suffering for good. Through His Mercy, it can only be used for good. 💔❤️ We will keep our eyes focused on that Mercy as we pray for some much needed comfort, peace, and your healing. I also pray that Jesus will be your Simon and carry your cross not only with you but for you so that can get some much needed rest and healing.

    Again, thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to share your journey with us. We will continue in prayer and offering up masses for you and your beautiful family.


    • Such beautiful words. Thank you for sharing such Hey Bill marble an intimate moment when God spoke to your husband’s heart. I am a strong believer of the beauty of the cross, no matter how heavy it feels. If all you see in the cross is a bloody massacre, then you’ve missed the resurrection. The cross is the key and the gateway to heaven and I believe that through my cross there are many opportunities for conversion and hope and lessons to be learned About how we can welcome each moment, breath, and a day with gratitude


  7. Intercession of Saint and Mother Cabrini brought miracle when our youngest son Paul was dying from Acute lymphoblastic Leukemia…will ask for her intercession for you and asking others to join in. Paul is our miracle. We believe your is here too.


  8. Today, I am praying over and over again my mantra that I have used during my MRI’s-

    JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU!! JESUS… JESUS… JESUS… JESUS… JESUS… and HE holds you in the palm of HIS hand. AMEN, I say to you AMEN.

    With GG God’s Grace we can endure all things:) love the Shreve gang

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