Chaos or not… Consider this Diem Carped

consider this diem carped

Amidst the land of chaos… There’s always a “Diem” to be “Carped“!

Much going on… life is foreve,  to give a little 80s throw back from the group, Dead or Alive, spinning me “right round, baby, right round… like a record baby…”   I mean, who’s isn’t, right?

Just a peek into our world, these days…


For me, as far as my medical world goes, it could be all to overwhelming to speak:

*This past Monday 4/26: Physical Therapy

*Tuesday 4/27: Chemo, followed by Radiation check up, followed by Pre-Op mtg and signatures, followed by blood work for upcoming surgery

*Friday 5/1: More blood work and tests in the evening to meet 72 hr window before surgery, Pre-op mtg over the phone with nurse

*Upcoming Monday (5/4): Full Robotic Hysterectomy

(My risk of ovarian & uterine cancer is just too high to mess around with. After much prayer, discernment with spiritual directors…. and MUCH DISCUSSION with docs…. I feel confident that it’s both medically and morally necessary for me to complete my treatment with this surgery.  Plus, this allows me clearance to take a safer medication once I complete my chemo in late July.)



i love life

I’m fighting tooth and nail to save my life.

And if God’s gonna bless me to give me the chance to have more of that life here to live….


*for my husband

*for my kids

*for my extended family

*for my friends and loved ones who have always been there for me

*for YOU, who read and comment on these posts, and pray, pray, pray for us!

….and last but certainly not least….


As a kid, I remember singing the little song in church and school: “God is so good, oh so good to me!” And HE truly has been.  Yet, so often, I’ve been caught in such a whirlwind of doctor visits, etc., that I’ve been missing the chance to get out and play! 

Not lately…

day of opportunities

Unbeknownst to me, my hubbie and my dear friend, Mary, have been secretly plotting a rather glamorous kidnapping of sorts. (I’ve mentioned Mary before.  Went to the same college, always having kids at the same time… 5 each…Our eldest are betrothed since the womb! Ha ha! … Also amazing blogger of  I was the one to be “taken”.  They lovingly schemed an amazing getaway for me to be plucked out of my home and cancer fighting world to go and meet Mary in THE BIG APPLE for a quick, yet jam-packed trip to celebrate her birthday and my need to escape for once!

Hmmmmm, I thought. Leaving from my home at 4 am the day after chemo? (Scroll back to the top of my medical chaos of this past week and insert “New York Trip” on Wednesday through Friday, returning just in time to get my final blood work and tests done on the way home from the airport on Friday!)  This sounds, crazy, right?  “Whaddya say?” They both looked at me during their HILARIOUS surprise heads up “presentation” through FaceTime.


 (looking at Mary in her best Kristin Wiig “Surprise sketch” Costume, knowing I just can’t resist a costume!)


(Examples below of both my excitement, and the sketch for which Mary so perfectly paid tribute)



the pic I sent her when we found out about the FREE TICKETS that we scored to JIMMY FALLON!!!!!!!!



And so it was. Decisions were made, the deal was done, and no matter what, I wasn’t missing this opportunity to get away, to have some fun, and cherish a few days with a very thoughtful friend.


Enjoying a perfect morning after walking through Central Park and now in front of the newly floating pink rubber duckies in the fountains in front of Rockefeller Center

Stopped in at St.Patrick's to light a candle for everyone's intentions

Stopped in at St.Patrick’s to light a candle for everyone’s intentions


Off to the “Rockettes’ Spring Spectacular” (since both of us grew up dancing, this was a MUST!)… I can’t possibly describe what a great show it was. Multi-media tribute to NEW YORK! Aaaaand… Mia Michaels choreographed the opening. Can I get a WHAT WHAT?!?


Our smiles couldn’t have been brighter before and after HIGH FIVING JIMMY FALLON in the audience of the Tonight Show (Thursday with Scarlett Johansen and Blur)… We’re both SUPER HUGE Fallon Fans #fallonTonight #SoooNotEw


A bitter-sweet farewell in front of our beautiful hotel. Just like that, the trip was over and we were back to our fams. Two moms of 5, now refreshed and ready for whatever life had in store for us next.

someday isnt one of them

I had a ton of reasons that would make sense as to why this trip doesn’t make sense for me.  Yet, for every excuse, God had an answer.

Q: Life is just too crazy right now to go between one chemo day and another surgery?

A: This year is FULL OF BUSY SCHEDULES AND MEDICAL HOOPLA… It’s time to come up for air.

Q: Money.  What about the money?  We’ve got medical bills, tuition, etc., etc., etc.  Can we do this?

A:  Many strings were pulled and connections made for too many free perks and great deals to resist on this trip.  We’ve been blessed by a few people who’ve insisted that their generosity be used STRICTLY for fun.  I am all about putting my fun aside if it means saving for the fam and other needs. But, I can’t remember when I’ve done something like this.  Not to mention, it was a gift from the combined efforts of a few very gracious people.  So, once again.  I’m humbled… and so very grateful.

Q: I’m in the midst of a lot of physical therapy for Lymphedema and ligament shrinking issues from radiation.  I’ve already passed up travel chances recently because of this.  Can I get on a flight?

A: I pushed hard through just enough Physical Therapy to get me on the flight and learned just what to do during and after the flight to help the pain.  My P.T. also rush ordered a super cool inked up “Lymphe-diva” sleeve for compression of my arm and lymph nodes during travel. (  Voila! Once again… falling into place in the nick of time!


My inked up “LYMPHO-DIVA SLEEVE and GLOVE” … if ya gotta wear one, why not get funky with it, right? (wore it 2 hours before and after as well as during my flights)… I also was a good patient and did all of my exercises, massages, and stretches discreetly throughout my flight whenever I felt pressure building. Freaky, but I did it!

And there ya have it!  Mama got away, and I made it to and from just fine.

And just in time to get back for my Godson/nephew’s First communion (So proud!!) on Saturday morning, and to be a Southern Belle with 2 of my girlies at a Derby b-day party in the afternoon.  Seize the week, seize the weekend!


Derby Birthday Bash for Firecracker’s classmate, which of course, my fashionista girly girl, Sunshine, couldn’t resist joining!


If I can do it, you can do it. Stop and smell the roses.  Make life worth living.  May take a little work to make it happen, but it’s possible.  Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the PRESENT!  We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we know that we have today.

if we wait til tomorrow

And God woke me up for another day.  That’s something to be thankful for in just the first breath of the morning.

Take that, Cancer!!

As for Monday’s surgery…



God’s got this. Today, tomorrow, and always,  I trust that whatever the outcome…

“Every  little thing is gonna be alright!” – Bob Marley

Thank you for your prayers for my surgery tomorrow, on Monday, May 4th. 



Thank You


yesterday is jealous


19 thoughts on “Chaos or not… Consider this Diem Carped

  1. I’m just so inspired by your faithfulness, your determination, your craziness, your joy, your ability to be a suffering servant, and love for life! You are always in my prayers and when we can swing it, Carl and I will be on the first flight down to see you. Love you so much!! -Ling Lang


  2. You are the most positive person i know!! Tomorrow will be behind you before you know it. God and Blessed Mother will be right there in the OR holding your hand. I will say a special prayer for you and your doctors tomorrow. Just another bump to get over but you will be sparkly clean to start fresh real soon!!!

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Absolute match for sure, Mary! Miss you, too. Even without any of the shows, tours, or perks… the trip just to see ya was worth its weight in gold. … That, and our amazing rendition/performance on the highline! “You’re spectacular! “Love ya!!!!


  3. Elise, I will hold you close in prayer tomorrow. I will also pray for your surgeon that God will guide his hands and bring you one day closer to a care free, healthy life. Barbara Brown (Courtney Danos Brown’s (SSA class is 1997) mother-in-law, Benjamin Brown’s (SPS class of 1997) mom and last but not least, Denny Charbonnet’s 9th grade MCA student!). I think you mom was 15 years old when she taught me – but she’ll always be beautiful and young!

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Thank you, Barbara! I’ll take all of those prayers and more! (I’m greedy like that!) 😉 Especially from someone so connected to our fam for so long. Thank you!!!


  4. Mrs. Elise…you high-fived Jimmy Fallon!! Your story continues to become significantly more amazing with every blog post. Thank you for your inspiration and your joy.
    p.s. tell “Firecracker” that I miss her 😉


  5. What a fun trip! So happy you got to go a much deserved excursion to NY!!! We are all praying for a successful surgery tomorrow, with an easy and speedy recovery! Xoxo

    The Stumpffs


  6. Prayers for all who need help to keep the faith. Our world changes ina flash/ like my appendectomy and post op issues over Easter weekend/ death of a dear professor at Loyola, Dr Brechtel , who had cancer/ courage to go on our biking tour for our 25th anniversary from Florence to Rome 3 weeks post op/ faith to movemountains like my dear friend Darrin Romeo did/ prayers to persevere thru this emotional roller coaster… Amen,I say to you, Amen and Jesus just holds my hand. Needing”GG” God’s grace as Angelbugg shares 🙂
    Julie Shreve


    • Everyone’s prayers. Definitely giving me all the strength encourage to get through all of this. Otherwise I really don’t know where I would be. But I definitely have not been afraid this whole time. They always have felt comfortable knowing that God has got this. Even on super rough days like today God definitely has got this. Thanks for your insights and for your prayers.


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