Grab a shirt … Send a Pic

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ONLY 6 more days of the Team BUNA SHIRT campaign to go!!!!

BUNA is asking YOU to join in and ….



That is, if you don’t already have one,

Grab one for you, your family, your friends, whoever!

Click the pic or link below… and PLEASE SHARE!


Team Buna Shirt Booster

(on site you’ll click first page (buy/order now) to enter site… then you’ll be able to choose from short sleeve, long sleeve, or sweat shirts and you’re particular sizes and quantities, etc.)



Take a shot of just you or truly, a group shot of as many of you as you can!

*The goofier the better, props, funny icons, etc. make it all the more interesting!

… For example, my fam grabbed my wonderful friend, Bridget, and our fab oncologist, Dr. Jay Saux

Dressed as superheroes in the Rich Mauti tennis tournament/cancer fundraiser in these TEAM BUNA shots! These 2 are the greatest!! 🙂

rich mauti team buna trio

rich mauti team buna crew


… other creative costume and computer graphic points go to our pal, Chris McDonald, during the Mugshots fundraiser (*superhero costume,*icons,*fam involvement, *pet included, *killer poses…AWESOME!)

chris superhero pic1

chris mcdonald


*my brother and sis-in-law went for the VonTrapp super cute family pose and melted my heart with this shot (sorry, y’all, but since they are my family, nobody can beat this one… ever)

-Their comment when sending was that my youngest nephew’s face “expresses his disgust with Aunt Buna’s cancer!”




*Send in your pics to me via email:

-attach your picture

-be sure to send your name and mailing address in case you win!

-It should take 2 weeks after the campaign ends for you to receive your t-shirts from this campaign’s closing. I want to give time for everyone to receive their shirts and send in their pics.  So the picture contest will not close until Monday, May 25.

-Be sure to also “like” this blog page and “enter your email address” to be officially “following this blog” and receiving updates.

-the PRIZE?  A “thank you collage of pics from the THE TEAM BUNA KIDDOS over here, and a small token of our appreciation purchased from one of our fave “pay it forward” companies that we love, belonging to/started by a college pal, that I’m proud to support… (click on link/logo to browse her site)

Transforming Beauty



ALL PICS (as I’ve mentioned before) WILL BE PART OF A WALL FOR MY KIDS

…my family has kept me going, and they need all the prayers in the world to keep them going, too.  I will receive chemo again this Tuesday, and will continue to every 21 days through the end of July.  I have another surgery coming up fast on May 4th.  We have conquered so very much and have so very much to celebrate and be proud of all of our many victories!!! However, the thought of even a little more, to them, seems like a lot to these little guys.  No matter if they are 16 months, or all the way up to 10, they have a hard time swallowing that and want me to be done.  But, a little encouragement, a smile, a cheer, a song,  … anything… goes a really long way.  Honestly.  It doesn’t take much to remind them that “every little thing is gonna be alright!”

So these pics, are being printed out and one by one put onto boards in our play room  It’s taking a long time bc I’m so inundated with infusions still, physical therapy, etc., but it’s happening.  I’m determined to do this for all of us.  But your pics will brighten their day.  Your pics and this sign that I’ve made….

you are not alone kiddos collage


*Don’t be a  (click face for sound effect)…

(You should know by now, I can’t resist a good SNL opportunity when I see one!)

debbie downer


Have an amazing day, enjoy the spring sunshine and…

something good in every day

Thank You



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  1. On On!
    (In what they call Jungle Runs the course is unknown at first. Runners go down possible paths and find a dead end or the a sign that they are on the right track. When on the right track they shout “On, On! so those on the false paths will follow.


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