THANK YOU and Don’t Stop Us Now!!

We did it!!

By mid-afternoon, I was home and crashing on my couch after reading and praying over so many of your intentions and prayer offerings that I am so grateful to Have received and to continue to receive.

They did their part on zapping my tumors with the Gamma Knife radiation, now it’s my job to follow through with the 2nd half of the process to rest so the radiation can now settle in and work its magic to complete the shrinking process (which takes a few weeks to fully complete). This can only happen if I allow time to rest and time to heal. Not to downplay in the slightest…

…your many many prayers which have and continue to carry our whole family through!

So… WE (as a Team, once again) DID IT!!

Home from Gamma Knife, and Ready to Honor my perscription for “REST” (Doc’s orders!”

With this flood of intentions, I just had to share this idea that I’ve been sharing with so many moms from all over the country (and just recently, the world!), that started between just myself and one very sweet intercessory prayer warrior confidant and friend just about a year ago. After she reached out to share a few personal intentions with me (as I’m always asking for others to send me intentions which have given a purpose in my toughest stretches of my journey to get through) during one of my courses of radiation. We decided to begin a novena (a 9 day prayer, repeating the same prayer each day) for each other’s intentions. Our novena never stopped.  I asked if we could just continue it in a constant loop, inviting others to join in with us.

We began the novena entitled:

Mary, Undoer of Knots“(click link for info on history of the novena), an intriguing and compelling prayer that Pope Francis had spoken highly of as of recent and had resonated with each of us in its message we were feeling of the never-ending tangled knots that moms in particular (yet many families and people in general) feel. Its almost as if they (we) feel so often overwhelmed by so may issues within our family and our own personal lives that we can never catch up on or help on our own, without the intercession of the supernatural grace of the Holy Spirit. Who better to understand than the Mother of God? Why not ask her to help us?  Who better to understand than a mother who had to untangle all the feelings intertwined within bearing a son who would suffer and die for us all, yet with such an amazing purpose?? Talk about a tangled knot in a mama’s stomach, right?

(I always say, Mary needed a journal! 😉

I truly believe that, no matter which religion you are…

If Mary of Nazareth, said to be the mother of Jesus Christ, (as I do believe),

were to walk among us today,  we would all undoubtedly feel the

POWER, STRENGTH, and SUPERNATURAL GRACE that she OWNED (3 snaps up, girl!!) like NO other woman

we’ve ever seen or encountered as she walked past!

 This MAMA was and is a TRUE phenomenon! 

Our world searches for role models and women of courage, honor, and beauty…

and in MARY is the truest example of undeniable beauty who’s sheer presence would blow you away!

To put it simply…

Mary was a and IS a warrior in a dress🙌


So here’s my crazy idea (please make note and I encourage you to PLEASE PASS IT ON:

*🙏🙏What If All the Mamas (& Daddy’s, Grandparents, Aunts…) Joined Forces in This Novena?!?! 🙏🙏

  1. I’m praying this in a constant loop, and invite you ALL (no matter what your family status) to join the mamas that have already begun this with me!
  1. Set your alarms for any of the following times (9am, 12noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm) …Maybe to Marley’s tune/ringtone “3little Birds”🐦🐦🐦?!
  2. Pray the “Mary Undoer of Knots” novena listed below (screenshot and save the photo below to your phone, or click on the photo download it to your computer)
  3. Pray for your intentions and all the intentions of those all over the world who are praying this together!!
  4. Know that the power of the graces of so many people is showering over you and through you while joining forces in prayer for all of our intentions, with the intercession of Mary, Undoer of Knots!  This allows you to be a part of something so amazing and help families from all over to overcome adversities that are unimaginable!! 💪🙏💪🙏💪🙏💪🙏💪🙏

I’m excited to see what comes of this “BAND OF MOTHERS AND OTHERS”!

I’ve seen first hand and truly felt the grace and strength of this community both near and far from all of you and want you all to be a part of it!  I hope you can join in taking all of these intentions that I continue to ask for and taking part of what I’ve felt such purpose in by doing the same.

Set those alarms!!

Don’t just “like” and “scroll” past those posts that ask for prayers on your Social Media Feeds…

… Rather, Make a note on your phone, or Sticky note in your home (or car visor works, too!)

Regardless of how you do it, COMMIT!  And as it was once told to me,

for others and FOR YOURSELVES: 


Then the trickiest part… LET GO AND LET GOD DO THE REST!!

It’s gonna be alright… I know it. No matter how the Big Guy makes it work, it’s gonna be good.

It’s ALL GOOD, y’all!


Prayer Request POR FAVOR🙏

So this’ll be short and sweet. I know it’s been quite a while, but it’s been a jam-packed summer, keeping up with my crew at home, my treatments now at home and any other extras seem to fall to the wayside! Such is life, right?

The scoop:

I’m at the hospital this a.m. for a scheduled appt for the Gamma Knife, non-invasive brain surgery/radiation machine.

Although it sounds pretty freaky, it’s about my fourth time in this machine. They have a mask molded for me that they both meet down with and they have it there waiting for me from any of my past times in this machine. Unfortunately, I am a regular. I will be treated for two small tumors that we’re send from a brain MRI that I went in for just last Tuesday and we reviewed this Monday.

How blessed are we to be able to take care of it this fast and to have this kind of technology within driving distance??

Say whaaaa? (Esplain’ it to me!):

So these aren’t new tumors, my oral chemos are still working! Actually they are preventing new growth!

These tumors were small bits of my original tumors from last year that were there last September that were just too small then to treat. However since these tiny lil buggers were still active cancer tumors, they still have the ability to grow over time yet my chemo can’t touch it but prevent more from forming.

Thus, we have the amazing Gamma Knife orchestrated by radiologist Charlie Woods, head radiologist here at MBP of OLL Hospital in Baton Rouge.

Yes, this is no fun, and will wear me out for the next few days😴😴😴😴. But, not to worry, because as I always say, with all your prayers and God’s grace…

Please, as you see this, comment with prayer intentions for me to offer up before , during and after during recovery.

Those intentions are important to me to get me through. It gives purpose to all this!🙏🙌 Please don’t hesitate! You can message me privately at the email on the home page if you prefer.

Thanks, & God bless