I will not be able to give you PART 2 as promised.  Mommy nurse on call duty calls.  2 girls home sicks (1 sick, the other recovering from oral surgery!).

As they rest up tomorrow,  I will do my best to find a moment for a quick post of Part 2.  Otherwise,  I’ll be back on Monday.

May God bless you all!  Good chattin again with the TEAM.  Thanks for stickin around all these years!



Thank you and God bless you always




PART 1: Turn Turn. Its Been a Season. Turn Turn. My Broken Record…


(click pic above to hear song/watch original music video by the Byrds! 🙂


(YES, I’m going to write today’s blog in a part 1 and part 2 possibly in a cliffhanger with a sensible stopping point, possible with a very abrupt STOP bc my carpool alarm and extracurricular/CrossCountry Mom (handing out cold towels and squirting cold water into mouths of my 3 lil first time  but very COMMITTED new to the school “Roadrunners” race at my old elementary school (Christ Episcopal School and first teaching (Kindergarten/Drama job! (Ah Memories! Then Hurry to pack those ice chests and pack the cheer backs for my teenage cheer leaders who I’ve convinced to come CHEER on their little sibs on their ♥races before their own cheer Volleyball game @6:30  when I pass off my cheer mom

Uber driver hat to my valiant Super mom/”Grammie” who happily steps up to the plate! (Whew!)

Now, when siblings come to root their family on, who knows what nicknames and embarassing cutesie or not so cutesie nicknames will come out??  But, they’ll know we’re ALL here!!  😉  And if you remember this blast from the blast as I do… “It JUST DOESN’T MATTER!”

(CLICK VIDEO TO ENJOY one of my personal fam’s oldie but goodie fave of what may or may not happen when our fam comes to cheer on their sibs!! J/K)

(CLICK VIDEO TO ENJOY one of my personal fam’s oldie but goodie fave of what may be our afternoon! When sibs cheer each other on with their own possible nichnames?!?!  😉 J/K   

 “SPAZ! Coached by Bill Murray- Summer Camp on “Meatballs” Summer of 1980something!”)

Now can you guess where I’m going with this whole … It’s been a SEASON thing??

I’ve got 10 minutes before my timer goes off.. (Tick tick!) like that isn’t a stressor!

You see I am someone who loves! I mean really really loves when my kids come home for SUMMER!!!!! Because I love love love

 the say do have always done our fun, chill lazy days with mommy where we

treat just like the BEACH: my happy place!

And why might you ask, is the beach my oh so very happy place??

I’ll come back to this cuz I gotta run for today, but stare at the pic above for a while and imagine those waves rushing in and out over and again, smell the smells , hear the birds, dig your toes in the sand … and notice this NO WALLS. NO PLACE TO HANG A CLOCK AND SET A SCHEDULE.  JUST AS NATURAL AS IT COULD BE! JUST LIKE I LIKE IT.  I’LL COME BACK TO THIS…. and maybe you’ll start to get a peek into some ideas of why maybe this summer was not so “summery”, and a little less”Olaffy” (If that’s a word?, I think Olaf would would agree, it’s a word now!)



Last thing to end this PART ONE OF TODAY’s BLOG bc ice chests and cheer bags are waiting on me to be packed…

I can smell it. Looking at this just settles me down... ahhhhhhh

Beach time means No Time! No plans! Just listen to the waves. The sun will tell you when its morning, non and night. Your tummy will tell ya when your hungry


This … THIS  is why I loooooove summer and the beach.

Notice anything missing?

It’s a the real secret to why I love the beach so much.

I’ll give you a riddle to gnaw on while I wrap up this PART ONE and hurry off to carpool, etc. etc.


I am something on a home or hut, but NOT on the beach When there, you can hang something that keeps schedules, which is why I stay clear. Yet people seem to find ways to bring them down to the beach anyway! Oy Vey I say, Get outta my Vacay! 

I like my beach time and summertime…


IF YOU MESSAGE ME AT TEAMBUNA@GMAIL.COM . with the correct answer to the riddle below, I’ll mail you a prize personally from BUNA’s HOPE.

So to be continued PART 2 will come back to you midday after carpools and my sweet Firecracker’s tooth extractions.   As she rests, I will get back to you on…


So until tomorrow …. be thinking and sending in your riddle answers to  UH OH! Y’all know me too well and already know the answer, I’m sure.


Gotta go for the oh so 1990s “DUH” on that one!

How many things will I be sending out??  I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. 😉  God’s already got it figured out,  I ain’t scared.  Since cancer,  I ain’t scared of nothin! God’s GOT THIS and everything else not matter how big or how small. 


3 lil Birds Record.png


’til tomorrow…