Summer Mommy: Destination Vacation of Delight, Fun, and Discombobulation


Not really. I mean all in moderation. We’re an outdoor swimmin & snowballing’ family, but afternoon movie time, and toaster waffle breakfasts are my game fo sho’


I love summertime.  Let me make that perfectly clear from the start.  

I choose the heat and the pool over the cold and the layers of clothes any day.

I like the decrease in schedule without homework and less carpool schedules, etc.  I like having more opportunities to play with my kids and have us all together as a family without the clock always ticking to wrap it up for the early school bell the next day.  I love all of this in the perfect world that I picture of all of us moving blissfully and peacefully with no pushback from one happy vacation to another, moving about the home with no arguments, always gracious with one another in our ample time together in and out of the house, and my patience overflowing for my children who I love immensely and am forever grateful for being what keeps me going while I continue my chemotherapy in the midst of it all.

(ERRRRK! Record Scratch!  Reality hits…  Bubble pops and Mommy’s daydream of summer snaps back into the reality:)

REALITY:  Although we have incredible adventures, laughs and have made so many memories this summer on family and friend trips,  our times away and at home are full of fun but not without friction in between the good times.   And not without the “MOMSTER” rearing her ugly head!


As I laid out my description of my picturesque summer daydream for me and my family. They’re so rudely interrupted by disgruntled siblings arguing over who sat in whose seat, who turned off who’s Alexa song, or even the youngest (4 yr old) who uses her “Alexa voice” to avoid listening to her parents instruction with an “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.”   Ooooooh that one. She’s gonna be the end of me.  



This summer has been one to remember for sure!  Multiple trips to the beach (My happy place! Or even just my getaway place if all is not perfectly all happy, relaxed, peaceful, blissful, beachy days) made for great pics and memories with family and friends.

                   Family Beach Trip 2018

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RV Trip w the Enks: Key West!

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Our Phoebe & her son/puppy, Winston🐾


I always say to seize the day when you can.  When I feel good, I get out and enjoy what I can when I can.  When my body tells me NO,  I try my best to listen and rest when I need to.  Do what you can when you can and thank God you woke up to do it.  It’s not always pretty,  it may not go as perfectly as planned, and you may feel or look a little crazy doing it, but crazy is good, and can still be worth it.


Managing my crazy, managing this family I still am forever blessed to have and be inspired by to wake up to each day and have reason to fight for, are all reasons to know that I need GOD now and always more than ever at my side to move me from one day to another.  Because in my mind,  it’s like a bowl of  spaghetti!  I’m a hot mess!  I’m distant, distracted and discombobulated keeping track of ordering my medications, staying on top of taking each dose, staying on top of the daily routines and schedules of my 5 kids’ schedules/camps/social activities, and keep on top of still make sure our homes and bodies are clean and fed.  Oy!  With a brain that’s not at full function all the time after a more than a few zaps here and there,  it’s hard to work at full throttle.  I feel the difference, and I ask HIM to give me more and more graces every day to help me function.


I tell the kids regularly that if my mind does really go.  Remind me to potty and dress me in costumes.  Each day I can be Tinkerbell, Wonderwoman, or any other magical whimsical person.  I just pray I’m happy as whoever you tell me that I am for the day!  I already dress up, so the transition should be smooth.   Brace yourselves.  I don’t doubt this won’t happen!

With God’s grace, we’ll all get through this.  We’ll get through the ups and downs of my treatments and patience in not only parenting and family life through it all, but in the anxious moments of waiting between scans and praying and hoping that each treatment is working.  When feeling as discombobulated as I’ve mentioned, I find my mind worn down and under stress in prayer.  I find myself needing to make a much more conscious effort to place my trust in God for the future and live only for today with no concerns for what scans may reveal of different types of treatment, procedures and possibilities that may lie ahead.

How clearly God shows up when I find myself in these places.  God speaks so clearly when I place my heart and my mind there with Him.  He always shows up.  See in this reflection and verses in my morning prayers from this past week in my “Jesus Calling” book.


So I guess I’ll just be taking a Scarlett O’Hara approach from now on…


Tomorrow is indeed a new day, a fresh day and a day that God will unfold for me when He is ready and will unveil for me when I am ready and thus will receive the graces for it  when necessary.

Might I reiterate once more the part that stood out most in the passage from Jesus Calling:  “My grace is sufficient for you, but its sufficiency is for only ONE DAY AT A TIME.  When you worry about the future, you heap day upon day of troubles onto your flimsy frame.  You stagger under this heavy load, which I never intended you to carry.”

Now, if you could just pray for me and my family as we continue to work on this as we continue to fight this battle and carry on with life as a family of 7, hoping and intending to live each day grateful that we have them and holding on to each other and our faith together to get through the side effects and ups and downs that come with the treatments  that keep surprising us along the way,

I continue to thank you for sticking with us for these past almost 5 years now and I pray you continue to stay with us in pray and support as we are still in this race.  Know that I keep you all in prayer as well.  Thank you for joining and remaining as a part of #TEAMBUNA.  

I invite you to continue to send me your intentions through comments on my PRAYER WALL TAB or privately emailing me at  As I’ve mentioned before these intentions that we pray for each other are an opportunity for us to share in redemptive suffering and share in our crosses, and receive grace upon grace.  Such power lies there!  Let’s tap in to that and get recharged.

God bless you all and Thank you.  After all…

every little thing


Thank you and God bless you always.

Philippians 4:6-7


28 thoughts on “Summer Mommy: Destination Vacation of Delight, Fun, and Discombobulation

  1. You don’t know me but I feel like you are a friend , I have your name on my prayer wall so I lift you up in prayer every day . You are amazing and is an honor that you trust me to pray for you . Keep fighting .


  2. You make me laugh.. 🙂
    Your blog reminds me to pray for you and your family.. Please pray for my adult children to return to the church and my daughter and her husband to concieve a child.. of course, if its Gods will…
    God bless you and yours 🙂


  3. Please pray for my spiritual mentor, Gwen, who died in February and my father and uncle who dies 2 weeks apart. Also for my ongoing physical battle.


  4. My friend you have such an impact even when we don’t see each other often!!! Um, how I love your unicorn 🦄 and we should ride together!!!🤣🤣 That spiritual footprint 👣 you mark the world with is a reflection of the almighty!!! I eat my way through those scan times for my Sass! I’ll literally lose 10lbs and two weeks before find my self soothing that anxiety with every in the fridge. And when it’s done, the good news comes and I can breathe again. We are praying, we are unicorning the heaven that you get good news!!! We love you so much!! 🤩🦄😍❤️


    • I get that stress. Totally. I can never eat. Meds keep my GI system in a constant wreck, but i coffee coffee all day to keep me awake after so many sleepless nights. (And for those reading this, yes I use melatonin, lavender and whatever other oils out there). Scanxiety is a real thing. Oy


  5. Courage, grace, determination, humor, honesty, braveness, beautiful, inspiring, spiritual……. my list could go on and on. I don’t know you but I follow you and pray for you. Wishes and prayers for healing!


  6. Elise, this, your most recent post, hit the mark for both me and Gilly. Your sharing helps! Please pray for me to be a patient, good, and loving wife for Gilly as we journey through his LB dementia together. As for Gilly, please pray for him to recognize each day his self-worth and usefulness as he gradually declines (I learn from him every day) and that God will draw Gilly ever closer to His Heart.
    We love you and Jason and your family and have you in our prayers.


  7. Elise,
    I thank God you have posted as I was thinking of how long it has been and while praying for your healing, I was worrying that things may have gone bad.

    This post brings reality and I loved it, especially the beginning as I have 2 granddaughters staying with us this summer (Angelique’s 2). How do they get out of kilter so easily?

    Anyhow, I want you to know that our prayers are there for you daily and sometimes when I can’t sleep at night and pray for others, you are first on the list.

    God loves you girl and I know He has you in His hands. His Grace cannot be measured and we all know that the treasure He provides is everlasting life, which we already started when we accepted His son Jesus as our mentor for life.

    May His Grace abound and keep you from suffering as you go through this healing with patience. Please know you will always be in our prayers daily!

    May God Bless you and your whole family and all those whom you love and pray for you…
    Mitch and Gwen Fournet


  8. Your 4 year old in the Alexa voice!!! 🤣🤣 As a mom of 6 and one of them a 4 year old I can say with certainty that one of those older boogers surely taught her that. Which isn’t cute, but man when those kind of words come out of those little bodies with those little voices it is SO SERIOUSLY funny! Thank you for sharing your ups and downs with the world. You are always on my mind and in my prayers. God is using your strength and your family to teach us all about Him!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, right?! She’s got us all belly laughing and gritting our teeth w her come backs. I wish I could blame the older kids, but I kid you not, this is all her!!! She is one of a kind! Lord, give me patience!


  9. You don’t know me but I have followed your blog for a long time. I keep you and your special family in my prayers. I went through something very similar to your situation when I was a child and my dad was sick. I can identify with everything you write about. Sending prayers your way and wishing your family so many blessings and much grace. God bless, Sarah. 😊🙏🏻


  10. You are an amazing and remarkable woman! Your blog always make me laugh and reminds me to keep things in perspective. Praying for you and your family 🙏🏼


  11. Elise,
    You are wonderful, my friend. I love reading your blog posts.

    I hadn’t thought of it like that, but counting to three is totally my mom-monster countdown. My kids will think that’s funny, too.

    Sending prayers your way. Please keep my mom and our family in you prayers. We’ve been staying in CO all summer to spend time with her.

    Love you!


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