And the Buna’s Hope Vacay Giveaway Winners Are…

We’ve all been on pins and needles waiting for nominations to come in and for yesterday, December 27th, the day of the big drawing.  Well, it happened!  My family (aka: my board of executives for Buna’s Hope)  gathered in pjs in our living room to each draw small slips of paper from one large box of nominations, put them into a smaller envelope, and then have my husband and I draw from that envelope for the final 2 winners.  Mind you,  we didn’t even begin the drawing system until every family member had extended hands over the total number of ballots, praying for God’s blessing upon these families and their compelling stories.  It is very clear to us after reading their stories and praying for them each night, that EVERY ONE OF THESE families is deserving of one of these trips.  Every family will in turn be given the greatest gifts of all:  GRACE and HOPE.  We plan to keep each family’s name and story in our prayer intention book where they will always remain.  (GRACE from prayer- priceless). We also are making plans to pack a new order of boxes for each of these families and send them out to their family as a gift of HOPE for each and every family member.  No stone left unturned, no family left to be forgotten.


(Above you see our Buna Box set up. Please check out our Buna’s Hope Amazon list to find out how YOU can help send our needed supply to pack some more boxes and send out some love.


So, let’s get down to what you’re really looking for… OUR WINNERS.



First 2 little videos of the drawings themselves (Part 1 and Part 2 below… CLICK on LINKS to VIEW)

Part 1- Bunas Hope Vacay Giveaway- prayer & Initial Draw

Part 2- Bunas Hope Vacay Giveaway Final Drawing

We hope these videos show the thought and the PRAYER that was given to the names of nominees, asking for miracles of healing and peace for their families and for God’s guidance and His will to be done as we drew each name.  All in prayer. ) 



These gifts are intended to bring JOY, HOPE, and LESS STRESS to families.  Therefore,  I wanted to approach this in the most delicate of manners.  No posting of any kind until I was able to get the approval from the families themselves and talk to them about what information they were comfortable with me sharing and start getting excited with them as to how we can perfectly tailor these trips to be just for them.  Some like Disney, some may prefer a relaxing time at the beach, while others may feel their happiest in the great out doors in a cabin in the mountains.  Our travel agent, Kristen Schonburg Blackburn of Cupcakes and Castles, will be working with us again (Thank the Lord! She’s amazing!) to help find that perfect fit for each recipient.  

And Those (2) Recipients are… (in alphabetical order):

(drumroll please)


(Pictured below with their father who is dearly missed by all)

*This family lost their father tragically in a car accident this fall.  I am very grateful that these children, their mother, and grandfather will be able to use this trip together to make some new memories, getaway for a bit, and draw closer together.  God guided our hand to their nomination and I’m sure He knows just what He wants to speak to them in their time together.   God bless you, Bayhii family!  



*This is a family that I’ve known for years.  I went to college with Tim and Tricia card, and our entire college alum community has been devastated to hear of Tim’s recent diagnosis of cancer, specifically “Diffuse large B-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Stage 3.”   Their family has an amazing hopeful attitude, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t difficult and that they don’t need to just get away and recoup.  This will be actually be the very first family vacation EVER for this family of 9.  What a blessing that BUNA’s HOPE could pay it forward to such a loving and deserving family.  God bless you, CARD FAMILY, can’t wait to get our wheels turning to tailor a trip just perfect for you and your crew. 

3- All of this, because of YOU!

YOU are the reason we are able to bless these families and be the very hands and feet of JESUS.  Buna’s HOPE is giving us all the opportunity to pay it forward, have a chance to be a part of something special that is gonna make families like these and so many more keep HOPE alive, make memories that will last forever with the ones that they love, and find the joy, laughter, and faith as well that we insist on threading through all that we do in this project.  Thank you for your fundraising.  Thank you for your monetary donations.  Thank you for sending more BUNA BOX supplies, and Thank you for praying for each of these families that have won our giveaways, as well as for the many other nominees who are so deserving of grace, hope and miracles. 

We have to believe in MIRACLES.   

We’ve gotta believe there’s always HOPE. 

I have to believe that our village will keep on supporting, in any way possible, to keep this project, this dream, BUNA’s HOPE, alive and growing.  

Thank you for being part of our team.  Thank you, TEAM BUNA.

To do this and put this together gave me greater joy than anything before.  I started my 2nd round of chemo this Wednesday, drew the names of our winners on Thursday morning before my follow-up fluids and infusions, and have been typing away at this blog and contacting nominees & chosen recipients from my chair at the infusion suite all day both yesterday and today.  I promise you, nothing made me happier.  I felt like Santa!  ‘Tis definitely better to give than to receive!  

Thank you for giving with all of your heart.  

God is good.  All the Time.  All the Time.  God is good. 










2 thoughts on “And the Buna’s Hope Vacay Giveaway Winners Are…

  1. I know some Bayhii’s and wanted to see the picture of this family.

    God Bless ALL these families who are going through Such a trying time.🙏🏻❤️

    What a Blessing for Buna’s Team to take the Time & Love to put together this Blessing to be able to give these families a vacation they desperately NEED!!

    God Bless & Wishes For A Happy & Healthy New Year!!! Janine Strausser Mashburn

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    • These children are grandchildren to Jewell Bayhii who is Religious Director at Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Church. Jewell lost her son tragically to a car accident this fall and is grateful and beyond for her family to take advantage if and be so blessed by this trip!


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