RALLY YOUR ELVES: Need A Lil’ Help to Make Christmas Wishes Come true for BUNA’S HOPE Recipients


This is totally me.  I have terrible insomnia during chemotherapy, but I also am ridiculously excited about what I’m about to tell you!! My wheels have been spinning constantly about this next step in our non-profit, BUNA’S HOPE.

You may recall how a little over a month ago, we did an all-call to gather supplies for our care packages (BUNA BOXES), holding our first “packing day” family event to sort and pack what turned out to be 135 boxes to be shipped out to families all over the country, filled with goodies for family game nights, movie nights, prayer time, and messages of love, laughter, faith and hope.  To say the least, with our original goal of packing 50 boxes, this event was a definite success!


These boxes have blessed families facing challenges of all varieties including those facing both adult or childhood cancers,  deaths in the family, loss of home due to flood or fire, recovery from major accidents/injury,  treatment for various illnesses at St.Jude’s hospital/Children’s hospital/MD Anderson/MaryBird Perkins Cancer Center,  families reunited after sex trafficking,  families staying together while missing  a member to incarceration, … the list goes on.  It’s both overwhelming and very exciting to know that we can play just a small part in families lives that are struggling in such unthinkable ways.

While sitting in my infusion chair now, or recovering from my many surgeries over the past two years,  I’ve been at such unrest over the floods of emails and posts that I see about the many families that are all dealing with their own “cancers” in their lives, whether or not it actually be a cancer diagnosis.  We all have our challenges.  Yet, amazingly enough, we all have been given two hands and one heart, with which to hold on, to reach out, and to pray for our families and for one another. While also, doing whatever we can, whenever we can to give each other a hand.

And it feels so good when we do.



Back to BUNA’s HOPE:



First, we began the first leg of our outreach, BUNA BOXES…

… which will continue.   Supplies will be kept in stock.  Periodically, we’ll announce more donation drives, packing days, and continue to keep blessing families around the country.  Stay tuned by checking in on our BUNA’S HOPE page. 


NOW…  We’re raising funds for our first official drawing for both a HOPE VACAY GETAWAY for a  deserving family!

We’ve already raised a decent amount through the PayPal link on our BUNA’s HOPE page, but we want to shoot for the stars here.  The more we raise, the greater we can bless families out there (and the more families we can bless in the future)!!!    We’ve researched other  non-profit groups that “grant wishes” through similar fundraising is this, and hope to bless our BUNA’s HOPE families as well through:


-holding a drawing of family name recipients

-contacting the families to announce the big surprise

-announcing the week, before CHRISTMAS!

-planning the details of their GETAWAY over the next two months to tailor it to their needs, wishes, and desires… making this fun and stress free for the WHOLE family.

*Our long-term plan is to continue to make these drawings quarterly and add-on single “Hope DAY Getaways” as additional drawings as well.  Again, the more we raise, the more we can achieve our long-term goals and keep it going!


I can’t wait to hear their excitement when we call to make this big Christmas surprise!

*We’ll be posting a video as we make the drawing!*


So who’s with me?  



How do you suggest a family to be considered for the drawing?

You can comment here (I won’t make your comment public, keeping their names private while we draw, if you’d like).  Or, email us at teambuna@gmail.com


Family name, parents’ name, contact phone # and email, # of family members, brief bio on family as to why you’d like to nominate them.  Please let us know whether or not they’re ok with us announcing they’re names as winners. 

*All recipient suggestions need to be in by WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21ST @ 3PM.



(Proceeds go primarily to Hope Day/Vacay Getaways; with smaller portions towards shipping costs and needs for Buna Boxes and packing days)




mail checks payable to Buna’s Hope” , mail to:

Buna’s Hope, LLC

Aint Life Grand Investments

1950 N. Highway 190

Covington, La 70433

Every penny counts and can make a difference in spreading some Christmas cheer this time of year to families out there, waiting to hear of a little joy coming their way and know that there’s a whole lot of love, laughter, and hope just for them this season and always!


Thank you for joining our BUNA’S HOPE CHRISTMAS ELF BRIGADE!!!


Like I tell my kiddos,

Jesus is the reason for the season.  It’s His birthday, and He wants nothing more than to share His b-day presents with everyone on Christmas Day.  So why can’t we do the same?

Let’s do this.




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