GOOD Mornin’


Not gonna lie, mornings a lil’ rough these days.

Been a week or so of ups , down, and all arounds over here

with all the physical side effects that chemo decided to hit me below the belt with.


every morning,

I wake up to 5 children ages 2 – 12 ready for breakfast, ready for hugs before school,

and a reason to keep going.

Some days, our mornings our BEAUTIFUL, and some….

as a friend just quoted to me yesterday, they are BRUT-iful (both brual and beautiful).

But they keep me going none thess and are my gift from God.  I know that.


This may be a sappier one of my  posts, but

this YouTube click really hit me of where I  need to start my days with

Click on it

(I TRIPLE DOG DARE YA…  yup, skipped straight to the triple!)



That’s all I got for today.

Have a great day and weekend.

It’s gonna be alright,   WE  WILL RISE!




6 thoughts on “GOOD Mornin’

  1. That was exactly what I needed this morning.. Its so nice to see you are still as cheerful and positive as you were growing up in Tchefuncta. More power to you! ❤️


  2. Good Morning Elise💐 just want to say “the Blessed Mother keeps your crown from slipping” your chin is always up to face the “Son”! God bless you always! Paulette

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    Good Morning!
    Thank you for sharing your blessings with us. Your life helps us ‘hear’ God and is an example for us to learn how to live with our individual difficulties and struggles while embracing the countless blessings our Lord showers on us each day.
    May your weekend be filled with God’s joy and minimum side-effects and some peaceful rest.


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