PRAYER WALL PART 2: Don’t be shy now, send ’em

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Last year, I opened up a PRAYER WALL here, a place for people to comment and send me their intentions. It started as something that became the best source of both medicine and distraction… the greatest healthy outlet and channel for me when my body, mind and spirit felt like they were falling apart.

Well these past few weeks, I started malfunctioning, so to speak, and just this weekend, it dawned on me… “I need my prayer wall again!”

So whether you comment on this, prefer to email them to me with a more private intention at, or simply take this as an opportunity to pause as you’re reading this and pray, it all works.

However, I found that when praying in and for this community, the graces doubled and tripled.  When people shared their intentions in comment posts for others to pray as well, we all got graces from it, dont’ ya think? It felt like superpowers.  I felt like I turned into the Hulk!! All, except my clothes didn’t rip, my skin didn’t turn green, lil’ less on the anger, and I’m still not even 5’4″ … Hmm? Maybe a bad example?

lou forigno hulk is my only hulk

lou forigno will forever be my only hulk, sorry folks

Today, in particular, I’m begging you to intercede for the prayers of a special friend that you’ll find on my SUPPORT THE TEAM PAGE.  Ever 2 weeks, to one month, (as needed) I update this spot to inform us all of special families who need our help both in prayer and monetary assistance.  These are people that I can honestly stand behind because I personally know their story and can tell you it’s legit and my heart is with them. I won’t steer you wrong.

faith can move mountains

So many people are hurting out their, but in the same light, the people whom I find are reaching out for help and are in need of prayer are finding so much joy in their suffering.  Who knew?  Families drawing closer together, friends spending time to gether around infusion chairs, communities drawing together for prayer services, serving families for meals, pouring out love in cards, and dropping off secret admirer gifts…

pay it forward concept illustrated with white chalk drawing on blackboard

or even for me… my whole day and my whole week just did a 180 with 3 separate get togethers with fellow cancer survivors that just entirely lifted my spirits in a way that I just can’t even tell you at just the perfect timing… followed by the most AMAZING SURPRISE at my front door step from a family reaching deep down into their hearts to pay it forward and give us a gift of joy and celebration for our whole family that will be remembered for a lifetime.

We are connected in prayer, we are connected in service, we are connected in love.  

With God… nothing is impossible.

So please, COMMENT ON THIS BLOG OR MY PRAYER WALL PAGE send us your intentions so we can all take all of those rough patches, that funk, that pain, those side effects, those grumbling moments at work that never seem to end and just scroll over the comments on either prayer wall and “PRAY IT FORWARD” and just channel it for good.  ‘Cuz isn’t that what “TEAM BUNA” is all about anyway… GOOD (aka: the actual meaning of Buna).  Let’s do this!

when you ask you must believe


I know that during this whole “aftermath” of Cancer, I’ve need prayer in a major, major way.  And having your intentions keeps me focused and moving forward.  It gives me the graces that I need.  And I know YOU need it too.  And if you click on my SUPPORT THE TEAM link, COREY PETRO and his family need your prayers and support TODAY!!!!

Please don’t delay.

Every little thing’s gonna alright, that’s for sure…

And likewise…

Every little prayer matters, every little person…



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14 thoughts on “PRAYER WALL PART 2: Don’t be shy now, send ’em

  1. A fellow navy wife Lindsey was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago- went into remission and than had a major set back and at this point seems to be losing the fight against cancer- but I know she is not giving up and neither are any of us- prayers for her healing a be fornher husband and three children – 7,4,2- for strength and peace – thank you


  2. Please pray for reconciliation with my daughter and her husband.They have refused to speak with my husband and I for2 months now. God bless and thank you.


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  4. I finished my last treatment for breast cancer on 4-26-16. I talk to you and your family your last day of treatment. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, this is the verse that helped me. I would say it over and over. Praying for you and your family.


  5. Elise, our family prays that the future brings lots of smiles and laughter. Praying that there are more good days than bad. Lots of cyber hugs and continuous prayers for you and your family.


  6. Elise, our family prays that the future brings true family happiness and all laughter you all can handle. We are ask the intercession of St. Peregrine and the Blessed Mother for your healing, daily. May Almighty God bless you, Jason, and your family in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.
    Deacon Pat Wellmeyer and Family


  7. Dear Elise,
    I began my radiation for breast cancer on Ash Wednesday of 2016 and completed the run on JW’s 46th birthday in March.Somehow, I saw significance in those dates. I have no idea why, but I did. I have a friend who is in line for his second kidney transplant. About 4 years ago, he fell extremely ill and had a liver transplant. It seemed as if he was on the road back to health when his kidneys shut down. Dialysis is no way to live, but as he said, “If that’s that God has in mind for me, then so be it.” He had a living donor and all seemed to have gone well. Some anomaly occurred which caused his abdomen to fill with fluid, so much that his new kidney was damaged. He is now on the list again. This jan is one of the kindest, most God-fearing and God-loving men I have ever known. Please put M.P.’s friend Wayne on your intention list.
    Know that you and your family are in my prayers daily, on my mind frequently, and in my heart constantly.
    Much love,
    Mary Pratt


  8. Hey Elise, if Jim Albanese isn’t already on your list, please add him and Andrea and their kids. He’s still fighting the good fight too and working on more possible treatments. Praying for you!


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