And the winner is…



… You didn’t really think I’d tell you right at the beginning of the blog, just like that did ya? I gotta make ya sweat a little. (As if such a contest would make one perspire. Only I would do such a thing as my house turns to shambles each and every time I attempt to send out a blog this summer with all 5 kids home.  Truly. I’ll send a blog out sometime of just pics of my unedited attempts of blogs I’ve wanted to send, and the pics of what’s the explosion of spills, crayon “artwork”, diaper disasters, and arguments discussions that siblings save just for my blogging moments that were oh so calm just before I sat down to write.  Oy!)

Where was I?

The Contest. The Team Buna- Send In Your Pic Contest.

As a mama, my toughest part of this whole cancer business has been watching my kiddos deal with all this (and, of course, my hubbie, too).  So I asked as many people as possible to join the team if they could, grab a shirt and send us a pic of them in it to help boost my family’s spirits and show them how many people were rooting for them. (Which, by the way, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to purchase a shirt or sweatshirt. So grab one while they’re hot! And spread the word. : CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO ORDER) But why would I want all these pics for my kids and not as much for me? When one person is diagnosed with cancer, the whole family may as well feel diagnosed as well.  So, as these pics came in, my intent was to surprise them with a big wall once I’d collected them… but I couldn’t help but show them as they came.  They needed to see them.  Every smiling face, whether familiar or not, warmed their hearts and gave them hope.  Every little thing was gonna be alright. 

you are not alone kiddos collage

This message hangs in the midst of all of your Team Buna shirt pics

and the wall…

(still working on a second wall for our pink bracelet pics!)


I know it’s a little hard to see, amd we’re still printing and adding pics (in case you don’t see yourse, my apologies, but, right now, with everyone home, I’m just trying get this out there vs. get things perfect. The more I try to be perfect, the more chances a kid catches on fire, in the background or I just plain miss an opportunity to play another round of hide and go seek


kiddo awards

Well the kiddos have cast their votes and had a hard time deciding, since their were so many varieties of favorites. Therefore, we decided to feature some of the top runners, grouped by the many varieties and paths that Team Buna has taken. (Again, these are just a few, Thank you to so many of you who’ve sent your pics in.  We are forever grateful and daily lifted up as we pass by the “wall-o-hope”!)


Team Buna Got Goofy

todd and winnie brown and fam #1

chris superhero pic1

niki mendow fam at abita bike festival

pumpkin no neck may



Team Buna Got Furry

sarah waguespack flinn

carolyn downey


Team Buna Got Adorable

baby mcrae



Team Buna Travelled


image image image

erin flynn



Team Buna family stuck together


grandaddy and karen



toby and bobby charbonnet and fam


But, the final winner sent in both of the following shots, of which the kids felt covered many of these categories and will receive the grand prize (“original artwork (cards) from the Team Buna/fam” and a gift that we’ll purchase from

Without further adieu…

phoebe's parents

(Both pups, just happened to be our dog’s parents)


becky and jim

(The scenery is unreal… Award for furthest travelled for sure!)

Congratulations and Thank you for your constant support,





I’d like to give a special thanks to the person behind the scenes, who put this whole Booster shirt thing together, got the design going, and even got my blog set up for me!!! She has been a dear friend of mine for quite some time.  We went to the same college, taught together, experienced becoming mommies for the first time (Aaaand what the heck to do when your kid eats too many sweet potatoes and actually turns orange;… or if its ok to love but not like your kids sometimes when you’re totally sleep deprived, yet understand that you both think the other mom is got to be one of the best moms you’ve ever met! At least, that’s how I feel.  Umm, right Mary? )  We’ve been there for each other when we lived close and have laughed ’til our bellies hurt and cried and listened while we’ve lived afar, whether or not it was just hormonal (and we both knew it, but had to vent without being questioned).  She also just so happens to be the same gal that stopped everything to whisk me off to New York City for one of the fastest, most fashionable, laughable, unforgettable rendezvous mama-getaways.

And I would do the same for her in a heart beat.

Who is this “woman behind the curtain”?

You can meet her at her blog:

Sometimes Martha Always Mary

Now check out her beautiful family right here in one of my personal favorite Team Buna pics, as these shirts and this blog wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Mary.

collins fam pic

Thank you for everything, Mary!!! Don’t know what I’d do without you!!


To everyone…

Thank you. I could never possibly tell you what this has meant to us!

Please remember that if you haven’t gotten a shirt yet, you have ONE DAY LEFT TO DO SO FOR THIS CAMPAIGN AT THE FOLLOWING LINK:


God bless you all!!!!

thank you note






3 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. There you go again! Making me cry. I love you, Elise. Thank you for allowing me to go along with you on this journey. I happen to think you are one incredible mom, too, just in case you were wondering. We’ll always have New York!


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