Pass it on…

the point is to pass it on

There’s no possible way I could ever show my thankfullness to all the family, friends, and community who continue to show us such amazing support and love throughout this battle.

I stress over wanting to find the addresses and contact info for people to send “thank you notes” and scramble to find the words to express my sincere gratitude.

I pray nightly that our family never forgets this feeling of love that’s been poured out to each of us and the humbling feeling of being served.

I hope for opportunities to repay people for their selfless acts of kindness.

do something for someone who cant repay

But, as we look for opportunities to do so, write our thank you notes, and pray or each of these families and friends whose intentions keep pouring in as more loved ones and their family or friends continue to meet obstacles on their path (be it health, wealth, or well-being), I realize that repayment is not the point.

The point of gratitude, I feel, is not to repay acts of kindness, but to recieve it rightly … and then


pay it forward mailbox


IT STARTS NOW… TEAM BUNA takes on new meaning:

Beginning a few weeks ago, I began “featuring” 2 new families or projects at a time on our SUPPORT THE TEAM PAGE.  As I mentioned before, “BUNA” means “good”, and that’s just what this TEAM is about.  God is good, all the time, and He calls us to strive to be more and more like him every day. Right?  So let’s go out there and do some “GOOD” for God and for others.  As my long time pal, Chris McDonald (of Ain’t Life Grand Investments; MUGSHOTS BAR AND GRILL, GLORY BOUND RESTAURANTS, and more) says in both his company team building and daily life with his family and kiddos,


Team Buna is taking his challenge on and hoping to not simply REPAY this community (I don’t know how we ever could… The love we keep receiving is beyondeasure)  for their kindness as we continue to fight, but PASS IT ON.

*Each family or project that we feature will link their story and a link on how you can be a part of their journey, while also being credible groups and sites that we are personally connected to and feel we can safely vouch for.  They will have 2 weeks on my blog site to be featured and have their intentions recognized so that we can PRAY IT FORWARD for them, too!  (2 weeks featured, but forever kept in our thoughts and prayers)

small things with great love



Click the link below or go to my SUPPORT THE TEAM tab from the home page to “meet” our current friends and fighters and see how you can JOIN TEAM BUNA in


It begins TODAY!

(click below:)


cool to be kind

Pass it on…

Thank You



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