“Its Wandom Wednesday”- said Elmer Fudd


elmer fudd

What’s “Wandom Wednesday”?

I’m not quite sure myself, and I’m pretty sure Elmer Fudd didn’t actually say that.  But these days, I’m feeling “vewy vewy wandom” nonetheless.  I wake up full of energy, am ready for bed around noon, fall asleep in my own sentences at dinner time, and when I’m awake, I’m a regular Looney Tune.  So what’ different?  Probably not too much, really.  I’m probably like most moms, but just kickin’ it up a few notches!  Ha!  As for my blog… I can’t form a consistant thought..

old lady too many tabs

So what tabs are open? Some deep, many not so much. Really just a few randoms I thought I’d share today:





Sadly, many more friends, friends of friends, and so many dear to us are being diagnosed on a regular basis with cancer and other very difficult challenging diseases and struggles in their lives, be it medical or not.  The call for us to fall on our knees is so apparent.  Feeling helpless is kind of the nature of the beast.  But prayer is so BIG.  When someone tells you, “Just PRAY!”  They aren’t brushing you off.  They are giving you a task as important as the task of their medical team.  Don’t take it lightly… or forget to keep up.  PRAYER IS EVERYTHING!  PRAY IS FOR THE SOUL AS FOOD AND MEDICINE IS TO THE BODY. AND IF THE SOUL IS STRONG AND WILLING… IT CAN DO MOST ANYTHING!

So just do it.  And PLEASE, oh PLEEEEEASE, comment on this post or on my prayer wall so that I can pray and offer up treatments and my current radiation for you and your intentions!  I’m ALL ABOUT IT!!!





Laughter is my best medicine! Here’s a small variety of video clips that still just make me smile on any given day:

 “I Love to laugh!”: Mary Poppins 

Carol Burnett Show: Tim Conway/Dentist Sketch




The Bills Have been rollin rollin rollin in…

.. and for a little while there, it looked like that last clip of ol’ “Matt Foley” (Farley) was speakin to us.

down by the river


It’s still a steady flow of bills, ya know, but the gigantic proportions, ain’t lookin ANYWHERE NEAR as bad.

GOD IS GOOD!  All. The. Time.

Turns out we we can just visit the river in our van in stead. 🙂

“…If God so clothed the lilies of the field… did you not think he would all the more clothe you?” (Matthew 6)



team buna radiation

As per your request, we’ve opened up another Team Buna Shirt Campaign.  As always, please remember to spread the word and share with friends, as the campaigns only work when we have at least 50 shirts sold in order for them to print and screen the shirts to ship them out from the booster company.  Since enough people have asked, then, lets do this!





Have I ever told you about my BFF (Best Friend in Fallon), Mary?  She is my friend whom I can count on, who’s stayed up late to watch the same SNL sketches, Jimmy Fallon hilarity, loves her children so dearly, yet also totally understood when I called her barely breathing while staring at the pregnancy test for my 5th beautiful child and needed to be reminded how much I’ve always wanted this mega family.  She’s been there for me on so many occasions no matter how near or far we’ve lived.  And now she’s been here for me as a fellow blogger. In fact, she BUILT THIS BLOG FOR ME HERE.  Yup. I’m not this good.  She layed it all out for me and got me started.  Worked her buns off, then I was free to just start writing and make it my own from there.  Hats off to you, Mary!  She’s pretty much amazing.  Why am I crushing on her today?  Because YOU NEED to get to know her better on her blog, complete with new layout and graphics. 

in fact… she’s giving away FREE STUFF just for signing in!  CHECK IT OUT!  (CLICK PIC BELOW)




10 DOWN, 20 TO G0

Taking Radiation by storm!  If that’s possible?  I’m 1/3 of the way through, as of today. Checking it off and moving right along.  I got my head in a tizzy for a minute there with some deep tissue soreness and oddly worried questions last week(very unlike myself).  But, after a great pow-wow session with my incredibly smart and delightfully witty radiologist, he set me straight.  I’m still simply “vigorously healing” on the radiated side.  Radiation isn’t affecting the tissue at all at this point.  I simply need patience and a little of my own p.t. work to get the blood flow and bruising moving. Then, I was good to go.  I could actually feel a  difference in the next few days!  The rest will be a slow process, but I can handle that, I just needed to know so that  I can keep my head straightPain is far less if your mind is in check.  Attitude, mindset, and faith are the majority of a person’s  healing. I didn’t really get that before, But I entirely get that now.  

Anywho, just starting to feel some of the affects of the skin tenderness and fatigue, but I’m staying on top of the skin creams and trying to get my rest in when I can (Haha!  More like, Mama falls asleep in her plate of well thought, all organic meal, that was instead a pillow for her face. Oh well!) … Nothing we haven’t dealt with on a much greater scale with chemo and surgery before.

Radiation? Psshhh…. We laugh in the face of radiation! Bwahahahaha!!!

Here’s hopin for a little gamma radiation so I really can get some super hero action happening. Can we say, “She-Hulk“?!? 🙂

im not saying i'm the hulk


Until next time… keep those prayers going for OUR fam , our INTENTIONS, AND YOURS, and as always…




that's all folks



14 thoughts on ““Its Wandom Wednesday”- said Elmer Fudd

  1. elise, you remain in my prayers always.
    please include in your intentions a family member who is dealing with the onset of dementia/Alzheimer’s.
    Thanks you!


  2. Elise, you’re always such an inspiration with your amazing positivity in not so positive circumstances. Your strength is absolutely amazing! Will continue to pray as you continue along your journey.

    Could you pray for a friend of mine who is going through a very difficult divorce. It is not something that she ever wanted and has done nothing to deserve any of this. The divorce is final but they are working out the settlement details and they have a big court date on Friday. This will determine custody issues and lots of other things. Thank you so much!


    • oh my heart. my heart aches for any couple or family that goes through the pain of divorce. i know well the roller coaster from the ups and downs that we went through growing up in it and still do, but also have seen where God has brought us because we clung to God with all our might when everything was spinning so out of control and we had nothing else to do but look to God. He will take care of them. Please let her know that she’s not alone and I’ll surely be giving it all I got in prayer.
      Thanks, Cheryl for keeping up with us, too! I just saw your cute lil’ self on the Godspell DVD from highschool show. Looking over it for choreography and blocking of ensemble numbers. I just wanted to fold you up in put you in my pocket. I love my Reine girls!!!!


  3. elise- you are such a wonderful example of God’s love and grace to our daughters who look up to you in the St. Paul’s play. You and yours remain in my prayers and in Grace’s prayers. Will you please pray for my mother-in-law, Mary Pierson as she has a CT tomorrow and finds out pathology results of the brain tumors just removed a couple of weeks ago? Thank you for your intentions for others…


    • Absolutely! Thank you, Jenny (and Grace!) for all the prayers. And know that I’ve been rooting for Mary all along. She’s soo amazing. She’s been so nonchalant and positive about the whole process. She’s really something. What a firecracker! Love love love her! Keeping the prayers going…


  4. We are keeping you in our prayers. I am no longer teaching. I’m sad but waiting and praying for God to lead me to the next step. So financially, this will be a struggle. Keep us in your prayers


    • I miss my teaching days, too. I always wonder when and if God will call me back to it, but things (babies, life, chemo…) keeps popping up instead. And ya know, God always provides. Sometimes by the skin of our teeth, but whenever it looks as though we may even get our light bill shut off: we put it in God’s hands, make sure we’ve put in all that we can do, and walked through every door we felt God wanted us to… And he always works it out. In the strangest ways sometimes, but He does. “Open the doors you want open and close the doors you want closed.” That’s about all you can say to Him, and He’ll show ya where He wants you to go and WHEN. I’m a terrible decision maker, …thankfully HE is waaaaay better. 😉


  5. Elise, please pray for my friend’s 3 almost 4 year old daughter, Hattie, and her family. Hattie is a twin and was born with spina bifida. She’s had complications soon after birth, but was doing well. She’s had multiple “routine” shunt revisions and done well. In December, her shunt malfunctioned, got infected, had to be totally replaced, and in the process of all that developed new breathing problems, Doctors recently determined that her right diaphragm is paralyzed. They tried to take her off the ventilator yesterday, but were unsuccessful. Please remember Hattie, her parents, siblings, and doctors in your prayers. If you’re curious, you can follow her on facebook. Search “Hattie’s Prayer Warriors”. Thank you for your example.


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