Surgery?? Ain’t nothin but a thang


Super quick update:

Continuing on our plan to kick cancer’s butt and take names!!

10 hour surgery yesterday was a success! Double mastectomy & Reconstruction went perfectly.
Prayers continue for biopsies of lymphnodes and other breast tissues sent off for review; however, so far, so good! May feel a bit as though I’ve been hit by a mac truck (crazy sore w bruising, etc)…but it’ll get better every day. In fact i’ve already gotten out of bed to walk some laps around the room a few times today.
Most importantly as far as docs could see in surgery, cancer cells have been removed from my body. Wahoooooooooo!!!!!!!! Now that’s something to smile about.

Change is good. Its a beautiful transformation. God’s got this and I’m floating on His grace (& a few pain meds too. Hee hee!).

Sooo..thank you , every last one of you. You rock!!!

24 thoughts on “Surgery?? Ain’t nothin but a thang

  1. Prayers continue . Just an update on the hines family baby was born very early baby in nicu weighs just under 2 pounds named lily joy please pray for this fighter , we continue to offer our prayers for your continued recovery with expectant faith🙏🙏diane


  2. Just saw this post and realized you are Father Beau’s sister. So sorry you are going through this. I went through same surgery in 2008. I’m sure the surgery is nothing compared to the chemo that it looks like you have gone through. God will definitely bring you through this! How do I find out about Team Buna?


  3. So happy to hear this news. You look great. Our prayers continue always. If you need anything at all don’t hesitate to call.


  4. Sooooooo happy that everything went well. Keeping you in my prayers that you’ll be feeling great soon!! You are such an inspiration to so many! God bless you and your precious, supportive family. God is good, all the time!


  5. I’ve been praying and thinking a lot about you yesterday and today as you went through your surgery. I’m so glad to hear that things went well! you look beautiful and I’m thrilled to know that your spirits are still high and the news is good! Prayers for fast healing.


  6. What wonderful news!! I have been praying for you and your family and I will continue to do so!!! You are such a strong and beautiful faith filled woman!! YOU ROCK!!

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  7. BUNA- Walking with you through all of this from July to now has been something else. But the way that you have grabbed on to God’s Hand is a witness for all of us. “Can I get a witness???!!!”
    Love ya Kiddo!


  8. You are kicking and have kicked cancer’s butt. Your posts are so inspiring and to think we should be inspiring you. Amazing, strong person!


  9. You have no idea how much your strength (and your humility sometimes even more) has inspired me. I wish I had better writing skills to show you the ways in which you’ve lead me through my own fears. Simply put, your grace has helped me prepare for unknown battles that I’ve always feared. I still fear, but watching your journey gives me hope for my own grace under fire.
    You are in my thoughts often.


    • You kinda left me speechless here, lady. My dancing queen idol. I’ve thought the world of you forever and to hear from you and to get such support means so much.
      You are and have always been a rockstar. Face those fears head on and show them who’s boss!! Big ol’ grande jete to the face 😉


  10. Elise, I am crying tears of joy as I type this. It seems that we have all gone through it with you and now can take a moment to experience the pure joy of the moment through our own tears. You have truly let me experience, right along with you, the love of Christ on a whole new level that I have never really known. Powerful stuff!!!!
    Prayers will never cease!


  11. We all need a special ‘witness’ in our lives to inspire & guide us when life gets us down. Elise, you & your Family are an inspiration to all! Love you guys 😘


  12. Keeping you and your family close in prayer. We know that God has all this in Hand and praise Him for helping you guys through each step. Much love and prayer, Eric and Lisa


  13. Such wonderful and awesome news, Eli! You are truly a woman of God’s own heart – hope and joy abound in your witness of trustful surrender! In other words, you rock!


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